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Top 15 Most Haunted Places In The World (America’s Real Ghosts Houses Story, Scariest Photos)

Akershus Festning, Norway, world's Top 10 Most Haunted Places 2017-2018

Top 15 Most Haunted Places In The World (America’s Real Ghosts Houses Story, Scariest Photos): Are you interested in visiting topmost frightening places all over the world? If so, then you are gifted with the opportunity to know about the places. Here are the lists of places which portray more about its in-depth secret. Many places were already been visited by plenty of tourist people present all over the globe. However, some more places are not been visited by them.

If you are interested in visiting the frightening tourist place and have enjoyed with your family then you can plan for the tour to have a mysterious journey. Below is a list of Top 15 Most Haunted Places In The World (America’s Real Ghosts Houses Photo & Spooky Story).

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Top 15 Most Haunted Places In The World (America’s Real Ghosts Houses Photo & Spooky Story)

15. Christchurch Priory, UK:

Christchurch Priory, UK, world’s most haunted places

Christchurch Priory is a dwelling for thriving Christian community established in the southernmost part of River Avan. Worship and prayer have been offered in this church for about 1300 years. This church welcomes a massive number of tourists from various parts of the globe. Everyone can have the opportunity to visit the church and enthrall at its beauty. Moreover, this church offers peace and harmony by means of lighting candle and saying prayers. This magnificent church leaves behind faith of the people from Norman times.

14. Château de Brissac, France:

Château de Brissac, France, Top HORROR PLACES photos

Château de Brissac is situated at the southern part of Angers city, France. The castle was first set-up in the 11th century. During the 15th century, Duke of Brissac avail the ownership and decided to eliminate the original medieval fortress and replace with innovative castle similar to the grand Renaissance style. The castle was renamed as Duke of Brissac. The indistinguishable medieval towers were left undisturbed when new construction works started. Duke had died during the building completion so both medieval towers were left. This castle is tallest one in the France and visitors are greatly admitted by its charm. Château de Brissac got number 15th position in the top 15 most haunted places in the world.

13. Kloster Oberzell, Germany:

Kloster Oberzell, Germany, haunted place in hindi language

The Kloster Unterzell is situated on the banks of the river. It is said to be the frightening tourist place which was founded by St.Michael. This site is considered to admit plenty of crimes such as sorcery and Satanism. Many people started to gossip that corridors of Kloster Unterzell have some evil plodding. The paintings from the gallery were been lost, furniture got scattered by winds and some important manuscripts and documents have also been losing inside the monastery.

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12. Lawang Sewu, Indonesia:

Lawang Sewu, Indonesia, real haunted story in hindi

One of the frightening buildings in Indonesia is Lawang Sewu as it was constructed by Dutch during the year 1904-1907. This building serves as the head-office for the Dutch East Indies till 1942. This awesome building has the three-story structure which is created with plenty of windows and doors. This mysterious and large building is not just a deserted structure rather it is a symbol of heroes and history. On 14th October 1945, this building is considered as the place for Battle of Semarang as the 5-day battle takes place here. Many died so this palace is considered in remembrance of the war.

11. Mount Everest, Nepal:

Mount Everest, Nepal, World’s Most Spooky Haunted Places photos

Mount Everest draws the attention of the highly experienced mountaineers and climbers. There are two major climbing paths, one is approaching the peak from the north part of Tibet and other is through traveling from southeast of the Nepal. This place not only provides adequate climbing difficulties but also provide other dangers like wind, weather,

10. Akershus Festning, Norway:

Akershus Festning, world’s Top 10 Most Haunted Places 2019-2020

Akershus Festning is one of the greatest places to discover in ancient history and has an enjoyable summer day. This castle was commenced to build in 1299 by King Hakon V. at the time of the 1300s, the medieval castle got completed. This building has witnessed several hurdles all through its ages. After 1599, King Christian V has modernized the castle and transforms it into the royal residence. The fortress has been considered as the unique historical environment and offers vibrating cultural experiences. About 37 million visitors come to this place every year and also this place gets number ten position in the top 15 most haunted places in the world list.

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9. The Myrtles Plantation, USA:

The Myrtles Plantation,USA, Scariest Bhangarh Fort

The Myrtles Plantation was created by anterior General David Bradford and it has a pet name of Whisky Dava. This palatial estate was completed in the year 1790. However, this estate possesses real plantation which offers the complete look of slaves. It looks like a slave because it hosts the tragic story of chole and it sparks the reputation of hauntings. Chole got hanged from the tree due to the punishment offered by Bradford. There has been a myth that this site has the claims of many ghosts who seem to have their bread and breakfast. The Myrtles Plantation stands in the list of America’s real ghosts houses.

8. Highgate Cemetery, London:

Highgate Cemetery, London, haunted places in rajasthan

Highgate Cemetery is regarded to be the burial place in the location of North London and countable place in the world’s most haunted places list. About 170,000 people had buried around 53 thousand graves in this cemetery. The original form of the cemetery was opened up in 1839. After that, modern cemeteries possess seven biggest graveyards around central London. The cemeteries in the inner-city cannot able to cope up with increased burials rate and hence they treat death in an undignified way. Highgate cemetery has been regarded as the fashionable place for doing burials which are highly visited and admired by the tourists.

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