Top 10 Richest People In The World – Billionaires List

Let’s look at the below list of Top 10 richest people in the world 2019. With every year passing, there are many opportunities to arise for the elite and rich in the world, which claims a spot at one of the billionaires people in the world.  In the present world, it is an essential to be earning some money for fulfilling their one basic needs. Many people who can get into businessman or entrepreneurship, so they can work independently. Some utter dedication and perseverance are turned from the business into few ones not only earn the income but in addition to employing 1000’s of people.

Billionaires success stories are really inspirational,  but the success is measured by a value one in terms of money. However, the success is years of toil and hard work that can get people where billionaires are today.

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List Of The World’s Top 10 Richest People Billionaires:

10. Michael Bloomberg: ($47.5 Billion)

Michael is one of the American business magnates, philanthropist and politician. He is the CEO, founder and owner of a media company, global financial data and Bloomberg L.P. He served as 108th mayor of the New York City for the year of 2002-2013. He is the 8th richest person list in the world with the net worth of $47.5 Billion.

9. David Koch: ($48.3 Billion)

He is a philanthropist, chemical engineer, business magnate and political activist from America. He is considered as the living university of  Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently, he is an executive vice president of the Koch industries. David Koch is a founder of the citizen for the sound economy. Charles Koch and David Koch have donated to the political republican campaigns. He recognized for his philanthropic to medical and cultural institutions and supports to the conservative reasons. He is estimated at the total net worth of $48.3 Billion.

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8. Charles Koch: ($48.3 Billion)

He is a philanthropist and American business tycoon. In the Koch industries, Charles Koch is the chairman, CEO and co-owner. Originally, the conglomerate involves in chemicals and oil refining, but they have a minerals, ranching, polymers, fertilizers, fiber and control of pollution equipment. Koch industry is one of the 2nd largest private companies, which owning conglomerate by profit in the United States. The total network of Charles Koch is $48.3 Billion.

7. Larry Ellison: ($52.2 Billion)

He is a businessman from America who is a co-founder of Oracle corporation. He drops out from the Illinois University at the Urbana-Champaign and Chicago University. After he started Oracle corporation that became a database vendor to low and mid range systems. He has estimated network of $52.2 Billion.

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6. Carlos Slim Helu: ($54.5 Billion)

Carlos is an investor, philanthropist and Mexican business mogul. He is the CEO and chairman of America Movil, Conglomerate Grupo Catso, Telmex and Samsung Mexico. His Conglomerate has comprised in a wide range of industries include telecommunications, real estate, energy, entertainment, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, media, energy, airlines, hospitality and much more. Carlos has an estimated net worth of $54.5 Billion.

5. Mark Zuckerberg: ($56 Billion)

He is one of the richest internet entrepreneur, philanthropist and programmer. He is the CEO, chairman and co-founder of Facebook. This social networking website is very popular with the topmost number of users throughout the world. He has an estimated net worth about $56 Billion.

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4. Amancio Ortega: ($71.3 Billion)

He is a business tycoon from Spanish. He is the chairman and cofounder of the group of Inditex. This group brings chains of Zara accessories and clothing retail shops. He is one of the board members of Daez and Inditex groups. Currently, he is the 2nd richest person in the world with the net worth of regarding $71.3 Billion.

3. Jeff Bezos: ($72.8 Billion)

Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an investor and American technology magnate. He is the CEO and founder of Amazon and he plays a major role in e-commerce growth. He is the owner and founder of manufacture Blue Origin and aerospace developer that has planned for the commercial suborbital human spaceflight. He has a total network of $72.8 Billion.

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2. Warren Buffett: ($75.6 Billion)

He is a philanthropist, investor and American business tycoon. He is the CEO, major shareholder and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Warren said to one of the successful investors around the world. He referred to the Oracle of Omaha or Sage of Omaha for his frugality despite his extremely large wealth. He gives 99% of his property to the philanthropic reason and chiefly through Gates foundation. Warren Buffet has a total net worth of $75.6 Billion.

1. Bill Gates: ($86 Billion)

Bill Gates is one of the 1st and the richest person in the world and also took the n. He is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, businessman and programmer in America. He is the co-founder of the Microsoft PC software company since 1975. Consider, he is the living university of Harvard and served as the chairman, chief software architect and CEO at Microsoft. He was number one wealthiest person for 1995-2007, again 2009 and he has been in 2014. His wealthiest person on the earth has a total net worth of $86 BillionBill Gates took the number position in the world’s top 10 richest people 2019, billionaires list 2019 – 2020.

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Conclusion : Top 10 Richest People In The World – Billionaires List.

The Above mentioned world’s top 10 richest people 2019, billionaires are really hard worker person to reach the present status and inspired to the present young generation. The contribution towards social service and charity from these billionaires person just are astounding.

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