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Popular BPO Companies | Top 10 Most Popular BPO Companies In The World 2019-2020 | Famous BPOs | Best BPO Companies: Outsourcing is one of the main moments in the new economy and industry. Even though it has negative connotations, in the last decade there was a major shift in the way people think about outsourcing. From an option, it became a necessity because it frees valuable space and time for companies to focus on business and to give the possibility to other BPO company to manage their additional features and possibilities.

In order to understand what world-class BPO Company is, the first factor is worldwide presence and effectiveness in their job in this highly globalized market. In order to provide their services, they must have operation expertise and strong talents for every need necessary. Look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular BPO Companies in the World.

Here Are The List Of Top 10 Most Popular BPO Companies In The World 2019-2020 | Famous BPOs:

10. Capgemini:

This French IT company has a presence in more than 36 countries in the world with stuff that passes over 100 thousand employees. They have partnerships with Microsoft and Intel which makes them one of the world’s most popular BPO Companies. Their expertise is to ensure long-term growth and to provide return on investments to all shareholders.

9. ISS:

ISS is ranked as one of the most popular BPO Companies in the world when it comes to management and facility services. It doesn’t matter if its office support, security of the facility, catering cleaning or property service this Denmark-based BPO Company has the possibility to meet your every need. They focus on knowledge-sharing abilities and different business models that could help companies achieve their goals.

8. Infosys Technologies:

Infosys had one of the most humble beginnings with seven partners and $250 as their revenue. They became IT service providers in 1981 in Bengaluru, India and since then they have more than $5.5 billion on year basis and provides technology business solutions such as designs and other IT services that every company wants. With great history, it is widely known as a company that got praise from Bill Clinton in Business Today.

7. CSC – Computer Sciences Corporation:

These IT infrastructure BPO providers, they specialize in different system integration and maintenance of every possible system issue. They were acquired by Xerox in 2009 and since then it became one of the world’s most popular BPO companies with their headquarters in the United States.

6. Colliers International:

This BPO Company is based in Washington and provides services in real estate sector. Today Colliers International is one of the best BPO companies that has 480 offices in 61 countries that present landlord representations, consulting and asset management as their main areas of function, however, they provide much more services. They run on a partnership model and combine entrepreneurship with accountability, versatility, and strength of a global firm with lots of assets and clients.

5. Sodexo:

This particular company is based in France and it is international food services outsourcing company that specialize in vendor and facility managements. In the last year, they reached $15 billion Euros revenue which made them one of the most popular BPO Company in the world. They serve more than 10 million customers on daily basis and have more than 700 facilities and serve 10 million meals each day.

4. ACS – Affiliated Computer Services:

This BPO Company provides service on HR outsourcing. It is based in Texas and it is equipped with services such as IT and finance outsourcing. They generated $6 billion in the previous year and installed contactless ticketing in Houston transportation system.

3. Wipro Technologies:

This particular company is based in Bangalore, India and it specializes in “Total Outsourcing” that targets various IT objectives that particular client need as a service. With different latest IT infrastructure solutions, they have greatest organization processes that could provide any business that you need through the important system. They are one of the most popular technology vendors and they are considered as highly regarded IT outsourcing company.

2. IBM:

This giant is based in Armonk, New York and they have an international reputation as a global outsourcing service and company based on IT services. They started a new way of outsourcing in 2010 which they named “Next-Generation BPO” which means that company gives to any clients all available resources in order to outsource all technology needs.

1. Accenture: Tops In Popular BPO Companies List:

accenture-Top 10 Most Popular BPO Companies In The World
Top 10 Most Popular BPO Companies In The World

Accenture is based in Dublin, Ireland and they have headquarters over there. For their great work, they are named as the most popular BPO Company in the world with greatest outsourcing specialist and experts. Their revenue was more than $20 billion in the previous year and they have office network in more than 200 cities and 53 countries.

Conclusion: Top 10 Most Popular BPO Companies In The World:

Outsourcing is the main moment for every big corporation that wants to have everything in particular system that could help them has all important information on one spot. All these most popular BPO companies are great because they provide these services that became an indispensable part of every big company. The above mentioned all “Top 10 Most Popular BPO Companies are most famous BPOs”.

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