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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World | Beautiful Visit Places, Beautiful City

Paris-(France)-Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Beautiful Cities | Beautiful Visit Places | Beautiful City | World’s Most Beautiful Cities: In this article, we are going to present you with top 10 most beautiful cities in the world. Every city is distinct regarding geographical location and landscape. Some cities are also well known for its architecture and beautiful nature whereas others known for culture and perfect atmosphere. There are also plenty of beautiful places all over the world where you can fly over to view those mesmerizing cites.

The beauty of the city depends mostly on various considerations and key factors such as scenic beauty, natural and human-made things, history, striking art and architecture, people, civilization and sightseeing places. Below is the list of world’s most beautiful cities list:

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Here are the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World:

10. Bruges (Belgium):

Bruges, Beautiful City

Bruges is situated in the northwestern part of Belgium, and also known as the largest city in the region of West Flanders. Bruges is usually known as the “Venice of the North, ” and it is the first trading city in the globe. One of the most prominent features in Bruges is nothing but its medieval architecture. Most of the noteworthy buildings are perfectly safeguarded in this location. The whole historical center denoted as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Amongst the most popular and attractive buildings in Bruges comprises of the masterpiece by Michelangelo which is the famous church of “Virgin Mary”.

9. Budapest (Hungary):

Budapest, World’s Most Beautiful Cities

One of the biggest cities in the European Union is nothing but the “Budapest”, which is the capital city of Hungary. Moreover, Budapest is a cultural and political center of the nation also stands at number 9th position in the list of world’s most beautiful cities. The Hungarians stayed in this area during 9th century next to the Romans. Countless monumental buildings are connecting with World Heritage. Another prominent attraction of Budapest’s is the underground that is the second ancient railway system in the lobe and also strongest one in the city. About 4.3 million people from various parts of the country visit this location and it is also hosted as the best center for European & world championships.

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8. Rome (Italy):

Rome, Rome beautiful photos

Rome is one of the brightest lands and it is well known for culture and history. There are several monuments of architecture which has gathered the attention of people from various parts of the world. One of the famous monuments in Rome is Colosseum. Other than that, it also has breathtaking and colorful architectural sites including churches, temples, Raphael’s tomb, the Pantheon and Trajan’s Forum. If you did not visit Rome ever before, then try to visit at least once to realize the real magnificence of the city. It is the wonderful place where you can relax and simultaneously view a plenty of unusual and new things.

7. Florence (Italy):

Florence, most beautiful city in the India

Florence is the administrative center of Tuscany region. It is known as richest commercial and financial center of medieval Europe. It is known as the birthplace of a renaissance. With its striking architecture, the rich culture and renaissance are the most attractive and prominent ones in this beautiful city. There are numerous places of interest available for tourists such as museums as well as galleries incorporating Uffizi Galleries, Medici Chapel, Pitti Palace and Basilica of San Lorenzo. Other than that, it is legislators of Indian fashion and many famous people like Mike Francis and Giulio Caccini lived here.

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6. Amsterdam (Netherland):

Amsterdam, Beautiful Visit Places

The name Amsterdam is derived from “Amsterledamme” which indicates dam of Amstel River. This city is highly famous for beautiful cities in the world and also has a noteworthy port in the cities. In the past few years time, the city eagerly participates in the diamond trade. It always has oceanic climate due to the proximity of seashore and has westerly winds. Besides from that, it is also extremely well known for its notorious nightlife. It owns plenty of embellishments for all tastes such as modern, small or large and comfortable.

5. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):

Rio de Janeiro, Photos and Pictures

Rio de Janeiro is called as Rio and it is the 2nd biggest city in Brazil and 3rd biggest metropolis in South America. It is one of most favorite and visited located in the southern hemisphere due to its excellent beaches and natural environments like Balneario and Bossa Nova. The city is highly famous for two aspects such as dance Samba and Football. It is regarded as the major cultural hub of Brazil. The country host Olympic and Paralympic games in world cup 2014 and 2016.

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4. Lisbon (Portugal):

Lisbon, most beautiful city in Asia

Lisbon is considered as the capital city of Portugal and also the biggest city in the country. This city is the combination of Pakistan & Peshawar. The architectural distinct of the city is entirely diverse ranging from Romanesque as well as Gothic to Postmodernism and Baroque. It is the 11th most famous city in the European Union and has a significant position in the universe in the field of entertainment, media, commerce, education, and arts. The city is indicated as one the world’s ancient which is loved by several tourists.

3. Prague (Czech Republic):

Prague, most beautiful city in Africa

Prague is not the only capital city of Czech Republic but also a large city in the world. It is the 14th biggest city in the European Union with the wonderful architecture of renaissance. The Renaissance was distinguished by a search of discoveries and research, so is worth to see due to its biggest educational institutions collection. Another interesting fact is that the age of Prague is 1100 years. Just think about the remarkable historical heritage that is presently focused in this city. Due to this reason, Prague stands at number 3rd position in the list of top ten most beautiful cities in the world.

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2. Paris (France):

Paris (France), Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Paris – the city of romance and love is undeniably one of the most beautiful and best cities in the world. The most popular features that have overvalued this astonishing city are French Cheese and Eiffel Tower. As Paris is the capital city of France, it still serves as the fantastic center for all essential political events in the nation, starting from the French Revolution. France is highly popular mainly due to this breathtakingly beautiful city. Gourmet cuisine and gorgeous perfume have its origin exactly in Paris.

1. Venice (Italy): Tops in Beautiful Cities List:

Venice, beautiful cities photos

Venice is situated exactly in the northeastern part of Italy and perhaps the most wonderful city in the world during 2014. This city seems to be unique in terms of its culture and heritage. This city has won massive honor for being the best World Heritage Site. While speaking about Venice, it is usually uttered by the phrase “City of Bridges”, “City of Water”, “City of Channel” and “City of Masks”. By viewing the architectural look of Venice, you can acquire a mixture of Baroque and Renaissance. It is also called as musical cities in the globe because many residents are having musical instruments with them.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World:

If you are planning to go for a trip for relaxation and enjoyment, then consider visiting those top 10 beautiful cities in the world. By attaining these places, you will be undoubtedly fascinated by its rich culture and magnificent landscapes. Besides from that, these sites also have right sightseeing places for people of various mindsets.

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