Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2020-2021

Playa Paraiso-Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2018-2019

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2020-2021: Are you looking for a perfect trip to just relax your mind and to enjoy then the best choice will be traveling to beaches? It is the most beautiful place where everyone can spend their time to enjoy and to get more pleasure. Beaches are the only place where you can enjoy the sea breeze as well as playing with the waves of the sea. There you can also able to do all kind of joys like playing, dancing, singing etc.

It is the place where you get happiness as well as peace. Most of the people spend their both happiness & sorrow at the beach. It is also the perfect place to enjoy your special occasion. Look at the below list of “Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World”.

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List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2020-2021:

10. Bahia Solano:

best beaches in the world 2020

It is located nearby a peaceful village named El Velle where you can feel the rhythm of the tides. Also, hotels are located in the strip of the sand and it is close to the Valle River. The Afro Colombian Choco region offers you this wonderful spot to enjoy. Activities such as diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, whale and turtle watching are also available on this beach. It also provides you with surfing, fishing as well as many adventure trips. You can also enjoy the rich culture and also exquisite nature of the beautiful remote beach.

9. Playa Paraiso:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2020-2021

This Playa Paraiso is located on the Caribbean coastline in Mexico and the meaning of Paraiso is ‘paradise’, which is a true fact. It is really a paradise which is made on earth which gives very relaxing vibes. This stunning white sand beach is the most favorite place for many. At the entrance of the beach, there will be a Mayan carving. A Pancho Villa Bar and grill is also located nearby beach where you can enjoy by having delicious Tacos! There also provided beach chairs and hammocks to take rest as well as to take sandbaths.

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8. Nungwi, Zanzibar:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2020-2021

In this Zanzibar beach, you can enjoy the exquisite sunrise which is located on the north-west coast of Nungwi. It gives a pleasurable experience while swimming, snorkeling etc. For its Old Stone Town and more than 30 pristine beaches, this beach has many lovers. It becomes popular by having azure water and coral around the beach. Its dreamy sunset will be a great experience and also become an unforgettable moment for everyone. It also offers amazing oceanfront nearby luxurious Nungwi Resort & Spa.

7. Hanalei Sound – Hawaii:

Hanalei Sound – Hawaii – Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2020-2021

This Hanalei is one of the beautiful as well as the best beach in Hawaii. Hanalei means ‘crescent bay’ which indicates its shape. This amazing beach is located in Kaua’i, Hawaii in the United States. It is also a white sand beach and it features a sparkling waterfall, pleasantly green forests as well as amazing mist mountains. This tropical paradise is an excellent tourist spot to enjoy activities such as water sports, kayaking, snorkeling and canoeing as well.

6. Pulau Perhentian Kecil:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2020-2021

This lovely beach is located in the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia. It lies 10 miles from the northeast coast of the western portion of Malaysia and 40 miles south of the border of Thai. You may allow to dive & swim with the small sharks and turtles of the crystal blue sea. A fisherman comes around 5:30 pm and delivers the day catch to the restaurants on the sides of the beach. The two nearby main islands are Pulau Perhentian Kecil and Pulau Perhentian Besar. You can get into the Perhentian Kecil by the only boat which is available from Kaula Besut.

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5. Maya Inlet- Ko Phi:

world’s most popular beaches – best exotic beaches in the world

The Coral reefs of this white sand beach make it a perfect spot for snorkeling. This beach has huge steeps of limestone cliffs. This is a very precious tourist spot for such excellent settings as well as wonderful opportunities. This beach has been visited by thousands of people daily. So, to avoid crowds you have to visit it by early morning. It is a very beautiful spot and everyone must visit at least once.

4. Whitehaven-Queensland:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2020-2021

This Whitehaven is the most favorite spot and it is a part of the Whitsunday island national park. It is an amazing white sand beach which exhibits the flawless beauty of nature. There exists 98% pure silica by more than 4km of sand. You can enjoy your day here with your loved one and get a pleasurable experience. Also, a little bit effort is needed to get into it.

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3. Matira –Bora:

best private beaches in the world

Bora is one of the international tourist spots and it is the perfect destination for luxury resorts. It is most commonly known for travelers and it is the favorite place who choose to have a luxurious experience. It is one of the major magical islands in the South Pacific.  You are assured to have an extraordinary moment here in this famous luxury spot. This island will be like Gwyneth Paltrow of Beaches.

2. Sun Island:

10 best beaches in the world lonely planet

It is located in the beach lover’s paradise of Maldives and is recognized as one of the most beautiful as well as the best beaches in the world. It is loved by most of the people because it is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Most of the celebrations of rich men are planned to be done here and also planned for the honeymoon here. Here you are allowed to feel the awesomeness sound of the water which is very clear. This Sun Island also offers you luxury bungalows to sleep by hearing sounds of water that knocks on your door.

1. Anse Source d’Argent:

best beaches in the world 2020

It is located in La Digue which is the third largest island in Seychelles. This amazing beach tops the list of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. It is also one of the most photographed beaches that includes the ribbon of sand, La Digue, top spot and also mixes flamingo-pink and salt-white sand. The Lanbousir restaurant located near the beach offers you with local Creole dishes and fruit-bat curry as well. There will be a very small entrance fee for non-resident persons.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2020-2021:

Above are some of the most amazing as well as top 10 most beautiful beaches that took place in the top 10 list. There you can enjoy the different style of cultures, food varieties, etc. Enjoy your holidays with these best tourist spot and have a great pleasurable experience. Look at the above-mentioned world’s top 10 most beautiful beaches once.

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