Top 10 Most Popular Indian Stand-Up Comedians 2020-2021 | Famous Indian Comedians

Kapil Sharma, Top 10 Most Popular Indian Stand-Up Comedians 2017-2018

Top 10 Most Popular Indian Stand-Up Comedians 2020-2021 | Famous Indian Comedians: Present cinema world is completely moving with comedy subjects. Comedian having major responsibilities in all movie so that they need to have high skill in order to perform well. They are popular for their dialogue and body language in the movie. Sometimes they used to perform in some clubs to make the audience happy. They are taking different techniques in hand to become a great stand-up comedian in the cinema.

If any Indian Comedians is in high peak means it is only because of their innovative ideas and knowledge. Today we are here with a list of popular Indian stand-Up comedians 2020-2021 | Famous Indian comedians.


Below are the lists of popular Indian stand-Up comedians 2020-2021 | Famous Indian comedians

10. Jamie Lever:

Indian american stand up comedian

In Indian cinema, Jamie Level is considered as the best comedian. She was born in Mumbai and she did her master degree in marketing communication. In 2013, she started her career as a comedian in the comedy circus ke mahabali . She also worked in some movies and she made her first movie in Bollywood named “Kisko Kisko Pyaar Karu”.

9. Siddharth Sagar:

best Indian stand-up comedians on youtube

Siddharth Sagar is born in Delhi and he is the high peak in the current comedy field. He started her his career in one of the television show. He is the winner of “Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe” and he plays the major role in much Indian cinema. He is versatile one in this field and having the myriad of fans for his fantastic performance and adorned. He also works with some popular televisions shows and ads. Siddharth Sagar is the best Indian stand up comedian and he got 9th position in the Famous Indian comedians of 2020-2021.


8. Kiku Sharda:

Indian stand-up comedian list

Kiku Sharda is one of the famous people in the cinema industry and he showed his brilliant in many comedy shows. He is also belonging as a good dancer and he won an award for his supporting role in the comedy show called Akbar Bridal. Recently, he has acted in the Kapil Sharma show and also acted in many roles in the industry.

7. Chandan Prabhakar:

stand up comedy

Chandan Prabhakar was born in Punjab and he is the famous comedian and also the actor in India. He is considered as one of the well-known director as well as the script writer in many Punjabi films. In many movies, he has acted as leading hero. He was the runner-up of the Kapil Sharma show and he also plays a major role in the television show like tea shop owner.

6. Ali Asgar:

Famous Indian Comedians

Ali Sagar, kept his feet very strongly in Indian television industry as well as the film industry. Not only he doing his comedian role very well, but also doing his great job as the leading role in many Indian film.He is well-famous for his role Kamal Agrawal in the television serial khaani Ghar Ghar Ki. Currently, he acted on famous Dadi Maa role in a reality show named Comedy Nights with Kapil.


5. Sudesh Lahiri:

Indian stand-up comedian Netflix

Sudesh Lahari got high fame due to his popular punch dialogue main thappar Marna tere, billo, and Teri maa kaa sakinaka. He also acted in some Punjabi and Hindi movies and he is an actor as well as comedian. He have huge fans in Indian industry for his well-known appearance and for his great performance. He is the top three finalists in great Indian laughter challenge III and appeared in comedy circus series. People really happy with this list of Indian stand-Up comedians because everyone in the list looking awesome as well as very popular among the people. Sudesh Lahiri is a most famous comedian and also took the number five position in the list of Indian stand-Up comedians 2020-2021.

4. Bharti Singh:

Best Indian Comedians 2020-2021

In India television industry, female comedian number is very low and female actor are majorly welcome for the comedian role. For this thing, the female must have ability and knowledge in order to compensate with the male comedian. She is a best female comedian, actress, anger, and dancer. She was one of the participants of Indian laughter challenge 4. She has won many awards in several reality shows and acted in some Punjabi movies like “Ek nor” and Yamle Jatt yamle. She did her first Bollywood debut in the film khiladi.

3. Sunil Grover:

Famous Indian stand-Up comedians 2020-2021

Sunil Grover was born on August 3rd, 1977 in Haryana and he was seen as the supporting role in most of the Bollywood movies. He is famous for his role of gutthi in comedy nights with Kapil and he was seen in the Kapil Sharma show, which is telecasted on the Sony TV. He is highly appreciated for his role of Fakira in movie “Zila Ghaziabad”.

2. Krishna Abhishek:

top 10 comedians in India

Krishna is the 2nd position among all other Famous Indian comedians in the world. Krishna Abhishek had won lots of award for his best comedy as well as dance reality shows. Presently, he having many projects for the comedy role and performing many Indian movies currently. He participated in dance shows such as Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhhla. He is well-known for comic performance in comedy circus series and he got mass success in the film Bol  Bachchan.

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1. Kapil Sharma: Tops in Indian Stand-Up Comedians List

Top 10 Most Popular Indian Stand-Up Comedians 2020-2021

Most people in India know the name of Kapil Sharma and he is very well known for his brilliant comedy. He is also television presenter as well as the actor with the great sense of humor in many films. He was born on April 2nd, 1981 in Punjab and he has won the award of great Indian laughter challenge season 3 on Star one. He made huge success for his comedy reality show Comedy Nights with Kapil, The Kapil Sharma Show and he also hosts many award shows. He is one of the most Famous Indian comedians and also gets top position in the top Indian stand-Up comedians list of 2020-2021.

Conclusion: Top 10 Most Popular Indian Stand-Up Comedians 2020-2021 | Famous Indian Comedians

The above are the popular Indian stand-Up comedians who really have really achieved a lot in the field of comedy and also have earned a lot only with their sense of humor and excellent skills. Most significant part of human life is the laugh and it reduces work tension and stress. These Indian comedians are most famous and successful comedians in the world. The above-mentioned people are considered as the Indian stand-Up comedians in Indian film as well as in the television show.

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