Top 10 Fastest Helicopters In The World 202020 – 2021

Eurocopter X3, World's Top 10 Fastest Helicopters 2017 - 2018

World’s Top 10 Fastest Helicopters 2020 – 2021: Helicopters are one of the most effective sources used for combat, troop deployment, logistics, and supplies. It has the capacity to take off as well as land vertically, to fly forward, and to hover, laterally, and backward. Be it rescue or war purpose, the critical requirement of helicopters is speed. There are plenty of helicopters used by each country in the world, but only a few helicopters meet its requirement in terms speed.  Eurocopter X3 is the fastest military helicopter that capable of flying up to 487km/h speed.

On June 7, 2013, this helicopter reached a level flight speed of 472km/h (255 knots) over the south of France. Moreover, it also reached 487km/h (263knots) before many days achieved at the dive instead of level flight. We are here with a list of fastest helicopters in the world and the list is below:

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Below is a list of World’s Top 10 Fastest Helicopters 2020 – 2021.

10. AH-64D APACHE:

fastest helicopter lynx

This helicopter is the most advanced multi-role compact helicopter for the United States Of America Army. AH-64D Apache is also one of the world’s fastest helicopters. This helicopter can attain a maximum speed of 284km/h in hot weather condition. It is a four-blade, twin-turboshaft attack helicopter along with a landing gear arrangement as tailwheel-type and a tandem cockpit for a team of two-man. It has the high-performance engine that reaches a maximum power of 1890shf each engine. This ensures the helicopter to reach a maximum altitude of 4845metres at a 2915ft/m climb rate. It has a massive amount of redundancy systems in order to enhance combat survivability.

9. MIL MI-26 (HALO):

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Mi-26 is the heavy transport helicopter and attains the maximum speed of 295km/h that makes it one of the fastest helicopters in the world. Resveratrol’s aviation plant in Russia produced this heavy transport helicopter. This is most powerful and largest helicopter, which can able to lift an airliner with ease. Moreover, Mi-26 is the largest production helicopter in the world that equipped with 2 D-136 turboshaft engines at a power of 11400hp each engine. With help of main fuel tanks, Mi-26 can achieve a maximum flight range of 800km easily and have a capacity to fly at a maximum altitude of 15,091feet (4,600meters). This helicopter designed to serve both civil and military roles.

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Mi-28 helicopter is a Russian military tandem, all weather, and 2 seats anti-armor attack helicopter. This dedicated helicopter designed and built to carry out operations of both search and destroy against armored and unarmored vehicles, tanks and low-speed airborne targets as well as enemy personnel in combat. It can able to attain a maximum speed of 300km/hr. This can also closely compete with Ka-52 and NH90 helicopters by offering the same speed. It is a new generation attack helicopter along with 2 VK-2500 having 2200hp take off a power of each. The turboshaft engines of this helicopter can enable the Mi-28N to operate at 5600meters altitude with a normal takeoff weight of just 10900kg. This attack helicopter does not have any intended secondary transport capability. Under the nose barbette, it has a single gun and it also has external load carries on pylons under stub wings.


mi-28n night hunter

Kamov Design Bureau developed Ka-52 helicopter in order to meet the demands of combat and reconnaissance mission of the Russian Air Force. This helicopter is a next generation combat and reconnaissance helicopter. It has the ability of fly at a maximum speed of 300km/h. The helicopter designed and developed to destroy armored and non-armored ground targets, tanks, and enemy troops. KA-52 Alligator is a two-seat Russian attack helicopter, which powered by two VK-2500 turboshaft engines at a maximum speed of 2,400hp each. The powerful engines allow it to fly at altitudes over 16,404ft that can take-off as well as land in hot weather conditions and in extremely cold weather conditions.

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6. NH90:

Most famous helicopters

This helicopter is a multi-role military helicopter built to fulfill NATO requirements for the battlefields so that it capable of operating in marine environments. Its impressive speed of 300km/h makes this helicopter as world’s one of the fastest helicopters. It is a twin-engine military helicopter and developed in two different versions such as TTH (tactical troop transport) and NFH (NATO Frigate Helicopter). This is perfectly suited for operations in the most demanding conditions on both land and sea over day and night. Availability of high-performance engines makes this helicopter to reach a maximum altitude of 10500feet at the 2200ft/min climb rate.


fastest commercial helicopter

AW 139 is a new generation and medium sized twin-turbine military helicopter. AgustaWestland developed and produced this fastest helicopter. At a maximum speed of 306km/h, it comes fifth position in the list of fastest helicopter in the world. It can also able to transport up to fifteen passengers or ten fully equipped soldiers at a very high speed. From 2002, this helicopter becomes one of AgustaWestland’s most influential products that subsequently developed into two enlarged medium-lift helicopters, namely AW149 (military-orientated) and the AW189 (civil market purpose).

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4. AW101 (EH101) Merlin:

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This is a flexible medium lift helicopter that can able to fly at a maximum speed of 309km/h thus makes it as one of the world’s fastest helicopters. AgustaWestland developed and produced this helicopter for civilian and military applications. AW101 Merlin powered by 3 Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca RTM322 turboshaft engine. This enables the helicopter to offer top speed and high lifting capacity. Both engines establish 2270shp power that allows operation at a maximum altitude of 15000ft.

3. MI-35M:

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MI-35M is in 3rd position of the world’s fastest helicopter with a maximum speed of 310km/h. it is a multi-role attack helicopter and produced by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. This helicopter is a complete modernization of Mi-24V. Since 1972, Soviet Airforce and its successors with over 30 other powerful countries operated this multi-role attack helicopter. At Rostvertol plant, this helicopter entered serial production stage in 2005. This operated at a maximum altitude of 5400meters and normal flight range is 460km.

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With the maximum speed of 315km/h, this helicopter holds the second position in the list. CH-47 is an American tandem rotor heavy-lift and twin-engine helicopter. It is one of heaviest lifting Western helicopters and capable of performing various missions. In July 2007, United States Army operation unit fielded this helicopter first for the purpose of transporting artillery, troops, cargo, and equipment in support of humanitarian relief and combat operations. This helicopter powered by two Honeywell T55-GA-714A engines that generate power of 4,777shp each enable. It can fly at altitudes up to 6,096 meters while carrying a 10,886kg of load.

1. Eurocopter X3: Tops in Fastest Helicopters List

World’s Top 10 Fastest Helicopters 2020 – 2021

This helicopter lines in the first position of world’s fastest helicopters. On 7 June 2013, it achieved 472km/h at 293moh (255 knots) in a level flight over France thus setting the unofficial helicopter speed record.  This helicopter powered by 2 two Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322-01/9a turboshaft engines that able to generate power of 1,693 kW each. From its first appearance in Second World War to the modern day, this helicopter helped many ways in the battlefield. It plays a significant role in the fields of supplies, troops, combat, rescue purposes, and so on.

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Conclusion: World’s Top 10 Fastest Helicopters 2020 – 2021

Here is the list top 10 fastest helicopters in the world that determined based on the combined scores of firepower, protection, performance, and avionics. These fastest helicopters are most used helicopters in attacks and most famous helicopters n the world.

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