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LG G7-new mobile phones coming soon

Upcoming smartphones in the Second half (July-Dec) of the year 2020 are below.

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

In 2018, Samsung’s Note 9 won all of our hearts with its specs and performance. With that in mind, we hope the Note 10 will come with the excellent battery, a better camera than ever. Probably, this handset will be launched from August to September 2019.

10. Xiaomi PocoPhone F2

In 2018, Pocophone F1 was a surprising one for all smartphone lovers with a killing price $350. Hence, we hope, the next flagship of the brand will be one device with an affordable price in 2019. Further, we hope, this handset may arrive somewhere in August of this year.

11. Moto Z4

The upcoming handset of the brand is mainly focused on perfecting the previous versions of the device with better performance, improved camera feature with good battery life. Probably, it is expected that this handset will be launched to the market in September 2019.

12. Apple iPhone 2019 Series

The massive launch of the year in terms of sales will be Apple’s iPhone. We guess the brand will launch three iPhones. However, two of the device would be a premium handset of the brand with $1000+ and the third one will be more affordable with some compromises. The device will be equipped with its own graphics chip. These devices will be launched in the September 21st of this year.

13. Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

In 2018, Google was criticized against the massive and unpleasant notch on the Pixe 3 XL. So we hope, Google might have listened to it and thinks of more luxury design. We believe that Google will definitely take its smartphones seriously and makes them available all over the world. Probably, we expect that Google will launch the upcoming pixel series smartphone in October of this year.

14. OnePlus 7T

After the release of OnePlus 7, we expect OnePlus will launch OnePlus 7T as the next flagship in its smartphone lineup. This handset will be the successor version of the upcoming OnePlus 7 of the brand. We are excited to see this handset by the end of October 2019.

15. LG V50 ThinQ

LG’s one of the important device of the year will likely be the massive and more powerful LG V50 ThinQ. This smartphone should build on top of the creation that LG profane with the G8. However, we don’t know much about the V50. But, we anticipate that the device will come with the triple camera setup and mainly focused on excellent music system to delight their brand lovers. This smartphone will be launched somewhere in October 2019.

16. Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro

Still, we don’t know much about the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro handsets. But, we guess that these handsets of the brand will be likely top-tier smartphone by the Chinese smartphone manufacturing conglomerate. However, this new upcoming Mate 30 Series of the brand will provide the smartphone enthusiast with a better user experience similar to the Samsung’s Galaxy Note.
Moreover, we guess that this handset will come with a sprinkle of camera magic in a new camera system made in partnership with Leica. The expected launch of the device is October 2019.

17. Razer Phone 3

In today’s modern world, most of the people around the world like gaming smartphones. Razer Phone 3 might be the best smartphone for gamers who are looking forward to buying a smartphone in 2019. Razer was the first brand to introduce high-quality displays to its series of smartphones with a massive benefit for competitive mobile gamers.

The upcoming phone of Razer will be the improved one in its gaming performance to become more popular in this trending market. And we hope Razer finds the right technique to improve the performance of the battery life. Hence, this upcoming smartphone of the brand will likely come with better and improved performance compared to the previous version. And we expect that the handset will be officially launched by the company in October 2019.

18. Xiaomi Mi X4

Xiaomi – the Chinese smartphone manufacturing company has been working truly to launch new models in the smartphone market. We guess the upcoming smartphone of the brand will come with the full HD display screen. Further, this handset with bezel-less series will get a new member towards the end of 2019. This upcoming handset will bring faster performance with an improved camera for the next flagship of the brand.

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Conclusion: Top 18 best upcoming smartphones In 2020 – 2021 | Upcoming Mobile Phones: 

Still, we are not clear about the specifications and features of the Top 18 upcoming smartphones of 2020. But, we hope, with this article you have gained some knowledge about the Top 18 upcoming smartphones of 2020. For more updates about the above-mentioned upcoming smartphones 2020, stay connected with us!

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