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Top 18 best upcoming smartphones In 2020 – 2021 | best upcoming smartphones | Top 18 Upcoming Smartphones | Best Upcoming Mobile Phones | best android phones | top 18 android phones | upcoming new smartphones | upcoming android phones: The year 2018 was a very eventful one for all the Smartphone lovers as we saw a lot of flagships, budgets and mid-range smartphones launching in India and most of them leaving a notch in their respective segments.

As we are in 2020, now, it’s time for us to look at how the smartphone manufacturers are planning to impress us in 2020. With no further fuss, let’s dive in the particulars with the most expected smartphones coming in 2020. Let’s dive into the ‘Top 18 best upcoming smartphones in 2020’ and its rumored specs details.

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Top 18 Upcoming Smartphones | New Mobile Phones In 2020

Upcoming smartphones in the First half (Jan-June) of the year 2020 are below.  

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 series

Well, we all know Samsung electronics is the largest smartphone manufacturing company in the world. The brand has launched a most stunning smartphone in 2018 for their consumers. It is expected that the company will most likely announce three different versions of the Galaxy S10 handset for the Samsung enthusiasts.

We hope, all the three of them could adopt a brand new and powerful chip in their manufacturing process. We expect that the handsets will be introduced to the globe in between February to April 2019. Based on the early leaks and rumors, we’ve listed some of the specifications of the handsets.

Galaxy S10 – Beyond 0

  • 5.8-inch flat display
  • Single rear camera and front-facing camera
  • Side-positioned FingerPrint reader

Galaxy S10 – Beyond 1

  • 6.1-inch curved infinity display
  • In-display FingerPrint reader
  • Dual rear camera setup and single selfie shooter camera

Galaxy S10 – Beyond 2

  • 6.44-inch curved infinity display
  • Dual selfie shooter camera and triple rear camera setup
  • In-display FingerPrint reader

2. Samsung Flex

At Samsung Developer Conference, the company gave us a glimpse of its foldable device. The company revealed the design of the handset which includes that the handset will be thicker than the currently available handset. It is expected that the brand new foldable device of the company will be launched in the middles of 2019.

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3. LG G8 ThinQ

We are not sure about the LG G8 ThinQ. Based on the rumors, we expect that this upcoming handset of the brand will be featured similar to the V40 handset of the brand. That is, we expect that the handset will adapt to triple camera setup as that of V40. Alongside, it is expected that the company will improve the battery life in this upcoming device of the brand. Based on the leaks, it is suggested that the handset will be launched between February to April of this year.

4. Sony Xperia XZ4

Usually, Sony releases new top-tier smartphones for every six-month in a year. And hence, we expect that the company will debut its Xperia XZ4 in its lineup as its next flagship at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. It is expected that the handset will equip new Snapdragon 855 chipset in its manufacturing process to boost the performance of the device. As well, it is expected that the device will come with the improved camera feature along with the gesture navigation which is missing on the 2018’s device.

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5. Nokia 9

It is noted that Nokia has been working on the new handset with real camera view for its upcoming handset. It is likely expected that the company will debut its next flagship which would be dubbed as Nokia 9. The long-awaited device will arrive at the marketplace with the new 7nm chipset. The company will officially launch the device by March 2019.

6. Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro will be the much-anticipated successor versions to the P20 series of the brand. We expect that the device will be adopted with new face recognition, in-display fingerprint reader from the Mate 20 Pro. As well, we expect the device will equip powerful Kirin 980 chipset in its manufacturing process. However, this handset will be launched between February to March 2019.

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7. OnePlus 7

For past few years, OnePlus has been favorite for most of the android lovers who value performance and speed. Hence, we are excited to see the brands next flagship with an improved performance of its previous versions in June 2019.

8. BlackBerry Key 3

A mobile device with a physical keyboard will likely continue to exist in 2019 and it will be dubbed as BlackBerry Key 3. Each key on the physical keyboard of the device will consist of shortcuts. It will be equipped with the powerful chipset along with the improved camera feature. This handset will most likely be launched in June 2019.

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