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It is popular for thousands of years as a medical drink. In the 17th century, it spread to the UK and it established popularity that is still one of the main beverages in the UK. Because of its high demand, it is understandable why tea became produced all over the world. Let’s check out the below list of  Top 10 Largest Tea Producing Countries in the World 2020-2021.

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Here Are The List Of Top 10 Largest Tea Producing Countries in the World 2020-2021:

10. Argentina – 69,900 tons

Argentina – Largest Tea Producing Countries


Tea is a very important part of Argentinian culture and economy, and they seed Chinese and Russian varieties that arrived in the middle of ‘20s. Because the government imposed import ban and made low tea prices in the 1950s, tea industry started to grow in Argentina, and eventually, because of great climate, it became one of the largest tea producing countries in the world.

9. Islamic Republic of Iran – 84,000 tons

Islamic Republic of Iran – Largest tea producing country 2020

The main beverage of Iranian choice was coffee until 15th century where coffee producing countries were distant so beans were hard to get. They had trade link with China, widely known as “silk road”, and that is how they important the tea. It became popular in the end on the 19th century when Iranians obtained it from India, and soon afterward they began cultivating the tea with supervision by Prince Mohammad Mirza. Today, they have more than 32 thousand hectares of tea and most of them are located on hillsides.

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8. Japan – 89,000 tons

Japan – the largest producer of Tea

Japan has great climate and terrain condition for production of tea. They are one of the largest tea production countries in the world and they are the country with many tea drinkers. They export only 2% and everything else is consumed by citizens and home companies. They produce a green tea which is the art of the culture in their country.

7. Vietnam – 117,000 tons

Vietnam – world tea production 2020

French brought the first plantation of tea in Vietnam back in 1880. Industry expanded in 50 years since establishing and they started to export their products to Africa and Europe. Everything was in stagnation during the Vietnam War, however, in the ‘80s it became one of the emerging industry that became one the largest tea producing countries in the world.

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6. Indonesia – 157,000 tons

Indonesia – world tea production 2020

They began with the production in the beginning of 18th century when Dutch introduced them with tea crop. Since then they became one of the largest tea producing countries in the world with more than 150 thousand tons and 65% is exported. They focus on black tea and small amounts of green.

5. Turkey – 175,000 tons

Turkey – Largest Tea Producing Countries

Turkey is one of the main producers of tea and nearly all plantations are in Turkey near the city of Rize. Because of Mediterranean climate and great topography it has ideal conditions for producing black tea. They have made Turkish tea, that is famous worldwide.

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4. Sri Lanka – 300,000 tons

Sri Lanka – Best Tea Producing Nations

James Taylor made the first plantation in Sri Lanka in the middle of 19th century in the city of Kandy. After he grew the plantation the industry grew in more than 190,000 hectares and tea production is the largest industry and has a great impact on Sri Lankan economy. More than a million workers are employed in tea production.

3. Kenya – 305,000 tons

Kenya – largest tea exporter country

Kenya doesn’t have a large plantation and most of the tea is produced in small farms that are less than one acre. However, they established a project that had to combine all products and projects and they made great revenue. They mainly focus on research, development, and innovation in the industry. They started to grow more abundantly so that the tea can stand the weather changes and conditions.

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2. India – 900,000 tons

India – the largest producer of tea in India

India is the second largest tea producing country in the world and their industry began when Brittan was introduced to tea. British East India Company started to convert their plots in India in order to make tea production. The India is the nation of one billion tea drinkers, and more than 70% of the tea is consumed within the nation.

1. China – 1,000,000 tons

China – Tea producing countries list

China is the largest tea producing country in the world and in last year it produced 35% of total amount in the world. Their great skills are no surprise when we know about their history. They started cultivating tea since 2737 BC and they used it as medicine and various religious rituals.

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Conclusion : About Largest Tea Producing Countries 2020-2021:

Health became number one trend in the world and because the tea could be a healthy replacement for coffee millions of people started using it because of its health benefits. We expect that the Tea production will rise in the next few years.

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