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Expensive Mobile Phones 2020| Expensive Smartphones 2020| Expensive Cell Phones 2020 | Expensive Android Smartphones 2021: The most expensive smartphones means it has the great features with expensive hardware and fine specifications. Smartphones which are with these many features are designed for the king’s, CEO, president and richest person because their operations are more and as well as it’s a prestigious issue to have a product which is featured best and has all great qualities including the hardware. Apart from all the advancements in the technology brings upon expensive mobiles for things to be done at the earliest. Today market provides you all features with the rates respective to the speciation of the mobile phones designed.

To communicate with each other easily and to access anything from anywhere in this world smartphones are the most important and hence phones range from very low prices to the very highest price. Expensive smartphones are featured differently depending upon hardware, display, features etc. Apart from that these expensive mobile phones are famous & expensive smartphones because these are made with precious stones and precious metal like diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum.

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Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World 2020-2021:

10. Vertu Signature Diamond:

world’s Expensive Mobile Phones

Vertu signature diamond was manufactured by British, who are known for luxury mobile phone products. This mobile was built with platinum and 200 pieces of diamonds only by pure hand-work without any use of machines. It was released on 2005, with GSM network technology, mini sim slot, scratch resistant glass protection and keys were made with jeweled bearings. It supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Chinese languages. It is available in yellow, blue, red, black, and tan colors. The price of this expensive mobile phone is $88,000.

9. iPhone Princess Plus:

world’s most costly mobile phones

This phone is designed by Austria Jeweler and designer Peter Aloisson. It has features like other iPhones. But it was made with 180 brilliant cut diamonds and 138 princess cut diamond with 17.75 karats and 18k of gold around the rim and this beautiful device price is $176,000). iPhone Princess Plus stands at number nine position in the list of world’s most expensive mobile phones 2020-2021.

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8. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone:

Most Expensive Mobile Phones price

This phone was manufactured by Sony Ericsson. Jaren Goh was the designer of this phone. This phone has several features with mirror detailing, polycarbonate mirror, and an organic LED technology. It is an expensive mobile phone because it is decorated with beautiful diamonds. One diamond is used in navigation button and another one is on the backside of this phone and the phone cost is around $300,000. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone stands at number eight position in the list of top ten most expensive smartphones in the world.

7. Vertu Signature Cobra:

top 10 smartphones – mobile phones, cell phones

The first highlight of this phone is – it is designed in snake figure wrapped around the edges. This phone is designed based on jewelry brand called Boucheron. This phone was made with 439 rubies and two emeralds which are the eyes of the snake. Therefore it is one of the most expensive phones in the world. Vertu produced only 8 pieces of this model. The price of this mobile phone is $360,000.

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6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot:

Expensive Android Smartphones

To buy this mobile phone, the buyer will need to win a jackpot. The price of this phone is $1 million because it is made with the black diamond’s on the front side, 12mm thin frame is made using 180 grams of gold and its backside was made up of 200 years old African Blackwood which is the most expensive wood in the world. The keypads are made using 17 sapphires crystal of 32k which is manually polished.

5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone:

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This phone was designed by Peter Aloisson. He used 50 diamonds includes 10 blue diamond which is rare. The Ancort logo and navigation key are made up of rose gold. All the keys in this phone are hand engraved and hand graved platinum. This phone has powerful encryption technology which provides security against kidnapping, technological blackmail, etc. The price of this mobile is $1.3 million. Diamond Crypto Smartphone stands at number five position in the list of top ten most expensive mobile phones in the world.

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4. GoldVish Le Million:

Expensive Cell Phones cost

This phone was designed by Emmanuel Gueit and its price is $1.3 million. It is a dual sim mobile phone among other luxury mobiles. It was launched in Switzerland and also awarded by Guinness world record of ‘Worlds’ Most Expensive Mobile Phone’ in September 2006. The phone was made with 18k white gold, 20 ct of VVS1 diamonds and leather. Its display is made of sapphire glass. It is a limited edition product only 3 pieces were made so far.

3. iPhone 3G King’s Button:

Expensive Android mobile phone

This phone got 3rd place in top most expensive mobile phone in the world. It was designed by Austria’s Peter Aloisson and made with 138 diamonds includes 6.6ct white diamond which is home screen button, yellow and rose gold diamonds. Price of this mobile phone is $2.4 million. iPhone 3G King’s stands at number 3rd position in the list of world’s most expensive smartphones 2020.

2. Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB:

world most selling smartphones

The price of this mobile phone is $3,200,000 and it stands at number second position in the list of most expensive mobile phones in the world. This iPhone 3Gs Supreme is made with 271 gram of 22k gold and 7.1ct diamond is used in home button to finish the expensive look. The rear side is designed with circa 112 grams of 18ct rose gold with Apple logo in 53 diamonds. The display is made from Kashmir gold and inner lining made with nubuck top grain animal skin.

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1. Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB: Tops in Expensive Mobile Phones list:

Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World 2020

This is the world’s most expensive mobile phone designed by Stuart Hughes and costs $8 million. The bezel of this mobile is handmade from rose with 500 individual flawless diamonds which are over 100ct. The backside of this mobile was made up of rose gold and 53 diamonds with Apple logo. This mobile panel was made by platinum to hold the single cut 7.4ct pink diamond. The front display of the mobile is made from the single block of granite.  The internal storage space is 32GB and limited editions of only 2 were made as it is only affordable by the richest person in the world.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World 2020-2021:

These are the most expensive mobiles in the world. There are people who use phones not only for calling purposes they prefer expensive phones to become popular among other rich. Apart from this expensive phone is designed to bring different features and creativity and distinctive use of the richest. The above-mentioned world’s most expensive smartphones are famous in the world with the beautiful look.

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