Top 10 Best Selling Whiskey Brands In The World 2020-2021 | Best Whiskey Brands

Jack Daniel top 10 scotch whisky brands

Best Selling Whiskey Brands | World’s Best Selling Whiskey Brands – Top 10 Whiskey Brands | Best Whiskey Brands: Anglicization of the Classical Gaelic word juice or water, the roots of the word “Whiskey” can be traced back to “the water of life”. Distilled for the first time in the 13th century by the Italians, it’s an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of grain mash. Since its inception, it is widely produced nowadays in most of the countries and has attained a status of immensely desired beverage breaking borders. The fermentation of grains such as barley, corn, rye follows aging in wooden casks made from charred oak wood an indispensable and important step in whiskey manufacturing.

Though the sale of whiskey depends on market demand based on the taste of people a humble attempt has been made to list a world’s best selling whiskey brands 2020 – 2021 competing in the market right now:

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List of Top 10 Best Selling Whiskey Brands In The World 2020-2021 | Best Whiskey Brands.

10. Black Nikka

Black Nikka World’s Best Selling Whiskey Brands – Top 10 List 2020-2021

From the name, this Japanese Whiskey manufacturing company was started by Masataka Taketsuru who traveled to Scotland at the University of Glasgow to learn the process of distilling Scotch whiskey. Headquartered in Tokyo its distillery Yoichi was voted best single malt at World Whiskies awards in 2008. Presently owned by Asahi breweries it has reported encouraging sales in recent years. Black Nikka is a 37% alcoholic whiskey sold under the brand name ‘Black’. The age-old practice of using coal fire to heat the pot stills is done at Yoichi distillery even though it is abandoned in modern whiskey production.

9. Black Velvet

Black Velvet Best Selling Whiskey Brands

Canadian Constellation brand one of the largest beer, wine spirit producing companies manufactures “Black Velvet” which was originally sold under the name of “Black Label”. It’s uncommon velvety and smooth texture was the main reason behind in its name to “Black Velvet” in the late 1940’s by master distiller Jack Napier. Popular and known faces have always represented the brand consisting the likes of Christie Brinkley, Kelly Emberg and Larry Hagman. Tami Donaldson is the current Black velvet lady.

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8. Crown Royal

Crown Royal best whisky brands in india

This whiskey was introduced by Samuel Bronfman in 1939 to honor the visit of George the IV to Canada. It is Canada’s top-selling whiskey brand owned by Diageo. Advertisements are carried out through motor sport events. Marketable variants are released at regular intervals. Sole production takes place in a distillery based in Gimli. Trademark feature of the brand is that glass bottles are packed beautifully in crafted gold embroidered bags. It has taken the top place amongst Canadian whiskeys in an American market.

7. Ballantine’s

Ballantine’s World’s Best Selling Whiskey Brands – Top 10 List 2020-2021

Credit for Ballantine’s goes to George Ballantine and Son Ltd. in Dumbarton, Scotland. ” Blending was in George Ballantine’s nature. He started with tea as a lad but moved to malts later when he found the ambition that comes with one’s self-belief.”-a lot is said in the opening lines of the Ballantine’s website. Its history can be traced back to 1827. This second best selling Scotch whiskey of the world is produced by Pernod Ricard. It has also won several awards for the products. In 1965, it was one of the first Scotch whiskeys to grab the United Kingdom market.

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6. Jim Beam

Jim Beam top whisky brands in india with price

An American brand is known for manufacturing Bourbon from a grain mix, predominant in corn. If Bourbon is the desire then there is no place to go other than Jim Beam. Featured in most of the movies and TV series which has whiskey in it, Jim Beam tops the list as the best Bourbon selling brand in the world. Demand became so high that forced the company to reduce the alcohol content in its products. The beam family had the production since as long as 1795. Before Suntory acquired the company, it was produced in Clermont, Kentucky but now manufactured in Japan.

5. Suntory Kakubin

Suntory Top 10 Best Selling Whiskey Brands in the World 2017-2018

Sintory is took the number five position in the list of world’s best selling whiskey brands 2020. It is an extremely expensive whiskey but is worth every dollar paid for it. Manufactured by Suntory Holdings Ltd. of Japan it is one the oldest brewing and distilling groups established in 1899. It is the maker of both best-selling and award-winning Japanese Whiskey. Headquartered in Dojimahama2 the company has expanded its business by merging with and acquiring other companies. It acquired largest U.S. Bourbon producer Beam Inc in 2014. This deal made Suntory the third-largest spirit maker in the world.

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4. Canadian Club

Canadian Club, Top 10 Best Selling Whiskey Brands in the World 2020-2021

Known as C.C it is a popular brand of whiskey in Canada. It was created by Gorham and Worts in Toronto this whiskey became very popular in the 1960’s Mad Men era still paying tribute to that by retaining the bottle design and label from that era. During that time, Canadian Club sold 4 million cases in U.S alone. The brand is now produced by Beam Suntory. Its production started since 1858 having a long list of variants including a dry one.

3. Jameson Irish

Jameson Irish best whisky brands and prices

It is a blended whiskey produced by Irish Distillers. Established in 1780 it produces the best selling Irish whiskey in the world. The mellow taste of this whiskey is alluring to everyone hence its demand. It is one of six main Dublin whiskeys produced at Cork with the United States being its largest importer. The Rarest Reserve Variant of Jameson Irish is rated amongst top 20 whiskeys in the world.

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2. Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker top 10 whisky brands in world with price

Owned by Diageo it is one of the best of its kind. The striding man logo studded whiskey brand sells 130 million bottles of its blended Scotch whiskey. It is every child’s dream to taste it once he grows up. The variants are sold under the name of Red Label, Platinum Label, Red & Cola etc. Variant “Honour” is one of the rarest and most expensive blends of Johnnie Walker blended scotch. It has received many awards from spirit rating competition.

1. Jack Daniel: Tops In Best Selling Whiskey Brands:

Jack Daniel top 10 scotch whisky brands

The King of all Whiskies this can be used to win over any mortal heart. Manufactured by Tennessee’s Jack Daniel distillery this American brand is the largest selling whiskey manufacturer in the world. Owned by Brown-Forman Corporation its Black Label variant is the most loved one. The company sponsors sports events regularly and also Zac Brown band’s tour. Recently a new variant under the name of ” Sinatra’s 100th birthday” was launched in 2015. In the top 10 best selling whiskey brands in the world list Jack Daniel took the number one position among all other world’s best selling whiskey brands.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Best Selling Whiskey Brands In The World 2020-2021 | Best Whiskey Brands:

Any alcohol lover reading this might be feeling parched by now. We can raise our glasses preferably filled with the top 10 best selling whiskey brands in the world and dedicate a toast to these spectacular creations, a toast to the water of life. Thumbs up!!!!

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