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Powerful Women 2020 | Powerful Businesswomen 2020 | Successful Business Woman 2020 | Powerful Politicians | World’s Most Powerful Women 2021: 

Women are not only a part of the society but impact the course of social changes in the public arena. She is accepted to have her desire, capacities, and qualities as a man does. Woman’s interest in social life is expanding. The position of woman’s power comes from the occupation that gives them incredible authority; impact, as well as responsibility.

To come up with ten most powerful women is very difficult as more women hold the equal chance. The list below gives the toughest, smartest and top ten most powerful women in the world.

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Here are the list of Top 10 Most Powerful Women In The World 2020-2021:

10. Ana Patricia Botin:

Ana Patricia Botin-Powerful Businesswomen

Ana Patricia is a Spanish banker born on 4th October 1960. In 2014 Ana Patricia Botin ended up plainly a standout amongst the most powerful banking executive in the world and the only women to head the largest bank in the Eurozone, which starting in early June 2016. She ventured up to the position of official executive of money related administrations for the behemoth Santander Group of Spain. She has been selected many times as world’s most powerful women by leading articles.

9. Meg Whitman:

Mary Barra-Female Politicians-German Politicians

Margaret Cushing well known as ‘Meg’ Whitman was born on August 4, 1956. She is an American business executive and political activist and donor. She currently holds the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and has worked in the same position in eBay. She was also expected to be likely to become the first female President of US cited by The New York Times. Her real-time net worth is $3.1 B.

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8. Susan Wojcicki:

Forbes powerful women’s list 2020

Susan Diane Wojcicki was born on 5th July 1968 and a technology executive in America. Susan Wojcicki has been CEO of YouTube since February 2014. She pushed for Google’s $1.65 billion securing of YouTube in 2006; the video site is currently justified regardless of an expected $90 billion. Google’s sixteenth worker, employed in 1999, she began as the pursuit association’s initially promoting chief and later headed all advertising and trade. Her real-time net worth is $410 million. She is a successful business woman in the world.

7. Sheryl Sandberg:

world’s Most Powerful Women 2020-2021

Sheryl Kara Sandberg was born on 28th August 1969 is an American technology executive activist and author. She established Lean In, a charitable named after her smash hit book, to help woman’s empowerment. For 6 years she was Vice President of Google, where she built up its lucrative internet promoting programs. One of the country’s most compelling female officials, she slammed the current US President for a travel ban and anti-abortion measures. Her real-time net worth is $ 1.58 B.

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6. Christine Lagarde:

Christine Lagarde-Powerful Politicians

Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde was born on the 1st of January, 1956. She is a lawyer and a politician and has held the position of a managing director of the International Monetary Fund since July 2015, making her the first woman to lead in the IMF. In the following years, Lagarde has figured out how to select nations as varied as China, Russia, and Britain into the IMF’s image of a monetary train, even as they harness at the stern states of her auxiliary advances. She was ranked by Forbes as 6th most powerful women in the world.

5. Mary Barra:

Mary Barra-Female Politicians-German Politicians

Mary Teresa Barra was born on the 24th of December in 1961 is the Chairman and CEO of General Motors Company is the first female to hold such a position in the global automaker. Bara has served as vice president of Global Product Development, Purchasing, and Supply Chain at General Motors before she became the Chief Executive Officer in 2013. Forbes ranked her as 5th most powerful women in the world.

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4. Melinda Gates:

Melinda Ann was born on the 15th of August in 1964 is an American philanthropist, wife of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and former Microsoft employee. Quite a bit of her consideration is presently centered on championing interests in ladies and young ladies around the globe. This incorporates a 2016 activity, reported at the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen in May, yielding the data Gates accepts is expected to educational endeavors to accomplish gender equality.

3. Janet Yellen:

Janet Yellen-who are the powerful Politicians

Janet Louise Yellen was born on the 13th of August 1964 is an American economist. Since starting her residency in 2014, she has climbed rates just twice, incorporating a change in December 2016. Performing neither as wizard nor trailblazer, Yellen rather attests her power by the method for plain sentences and simple rationale, making it simple to overlook that the Yale-and Brown-instructed financial analyst is maybe the world’s best market-mover. As the main female Fed chair, she holds unmatched impact over American monetary policy. She stands at number 3rd position in the list of top 10 most powerful women in the world.

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2. Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton-Top 10 Most Powerful Women In The World 2020-2021

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born on October 26, 1947. She is an American politician and First Lady of United States, U.S Senator, 67th U.S Secretary of State and Democratic Party’s nominee for President of U.S in 2016. In spite of winning the popular vote lost the electoral vote to her Republican opponent Donald Trump. After which she focused on being a self-described “activist citizen”. Her real-time net worth is approximately $45 Million. She stands at number second position in the list of world’s most powerful businesswomen 2020 and powerful politicians.

1. Angela Merkel: Tops In Powerful Woman List:

Angela Merkel-Successful Business Woman

Angela Dorothea Merkel was born on 17 July 1954 is a German politician and the Chancellor of Germany. She is famous as the de facto leader of the European Union and the leader of the Free World. She has also once headed center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Currently, holds a position as a senior G7 leader and formerly the longest-serving head of government in the European Union. She has been referred to as ‘the decider’ because of her crucial role at times of financial crisis.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Most Powerful Women In The World 2020-2021:

It is clear that the above lists of women are powerful in today’s world for their immense contribution to the growth of the society. Their act is noticed and paves the way in encouraging the future generation to take them as a guide in their action. Therefore it is necessary to recognize women for their unique good activities which create impact in the society. The above mentioned all top 10 most powerful women are the famous and most successful businesswoman in the world.

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