Top 10 Hottest Korean Female Models 2020-2021 (Beautiful Fashion Models List)

Top 10 Hottest Korean Female Models 2017-2018

Top 10 Hottest Korean Female Models 2020-2021, Beautiful Fashion Models List: The South Korean models are highlighted in terms of advertising, fashion shoots as well as magazine listings in their indigenous country as well as all over the world. Some models have become highly famous after appearing in TV programs and films in the South Korea and they are recognized as the most stunning celebrities of the year.

These beautiful fashion models are ranked according to the votes of Ranker community. In many situations, plenty of models move to a top position in order to get fame in the fashion industry. Even many models have won Oscar awards for their talent in entertainment and fashion industry. The all top 10 hottest Korean female models are highlighted for their beautiful appearance and hottest body feature.

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Here is a list of Top 10 Hottest Korean Female Models 2020-2021, Beautiful Fashion Models list:

10. Bae Suzy:

Bae Suzy, World’s Most Beautiful Women

Bae Suzy was born on 10th October 1994 who is famously renowned as the mononym Suzy. He held professional on both singing and acting. She is a famous and hottest South Korean model. She is extremely highlighted for her natural roles in Dream High musical drama in the year 2011, historical-fantasy in the movie Gu Family Book of the year 2013 and for an extensive role in the romantic film named Architecture 101 in the year 2016. This model is also the member of the Miss A group beneath the JYP Entertainment.

9. Han Hyo-Joo:

Hottest South Indian Models pictures

The famous South Korean actress is Han Hyo-Joo. She was born on 22nd February 1987. Han Hyo Joo is highlighted for her topmost roles in the TV dramas named Brilliant Legacy in the year 2009, W-Two worlds in the year 2016, Dong Yi in the year 2010 and cold eyes in the year 2013. She has also won the award for best acting during the 34th film awards by blue dragon.

8. Kim Sa-rang:

Korean model hot Bikini Hotties girls photo

Kim Sa-rang was born on 12th January 1978. She is a famous South Korean actress. Moreover, she has played prominent roles in numerous television series such as Secret Garden, beloved eun-dong and A love to kill. This famous actor is highlighted for getting crowned as Miss Korea in the year 2000 and hence represented as Miss Universe of South Korea in the year 2011. After that, she has got 50th Miss Universe procession in Puerto Rico.

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7. Yoon Eun-Hye:

Yoon Eun-hye was born on 3rd October 1984. She is a famous South Korean actress, model, entertainer, singer and director. She was debuted as the foremost member of the Baby Vox girl group thereby staying within the group from the period of 1999 to 2005. After that, she has got into movie field to perform acting and well-known for her starring roles in plenty of television dramas like My Fair Lady, Princess Hours, The First Shop in Prince and Marry Him if-you-dare. And she stands at number seven position in the list of hottest Korean female models 2020.

6. Go Ara:

South Korean Bikini Babe Hotties

Go Ara is a gorgeous and renowned actress who was born on 11th February 1990. She is a popular South Korean model and actress. She is highlighted for her best star in plenty of television series starting from her career. Some of the television series includes You’re All Surrounded in the year 2014, Reply 1994 in the year 2013, Hwarang: The Poet-Warrior Youth in the year 2016. She got breakthrough after her famous performance in the drama Snow Flower of the year 2006.

5. Park Ji-yeon:

South Korean Beautiful Fashion Model wallpapers

Park Ji-yeon was born on 7th June 1993. She is famously known by her name mononym Jiyeon as she is a popular South Korean actress and singer. Park Ji Yeon is also an eminent member of the T-ara girl group of South Korea and for the sub-group of N4 T-ara. She began her modeling career while she was 15 years old. She gave pose for several advertisements and pictorials for a clothing company. In the year 2009, she created her album Gift from SG wannabe. Moreover, she also appears in many music videos to produce songs like My Love is Crying and Saranghae

4. Jun Ji-Hyun:

Jun Ji-hyun was born on 30th October 1981. He is highly popular by the name Gianna Jun. however, she is a well-known South Korean actress. This actor rose to fame after her role in My Sassy Girl movie in the year 2001 which is a romantic comedy as it stands top in the list of highest-grossing South Korean comedies. Other highlighted films of Jun Ji-hyun are Assassination in the year 2015, The Thieves in the year 2012, IL Mare in the year 2000 and The Berlin File in the year 2013.  She also started at TV series after her success in movies.

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3. Park Han-byul:

Hottest South Korean Models hot pics

Park Han-byul was born on 17th November 1984. She is a famous South Korean model and actress. Park Han Byul had appeared in plenty of television series and drama. She took part in the movie Fate in the year 2008. She made debut in horror movie Wishing Stairs in the year 2003. Park posted her photos on the internet in order to become online celebrity owing to her close physical appearance to the actress Jun-Ji hyun. Other than that, she also appears in horror movie Two Moons.

2. Lee Ha-nui:

Top 10 Hottest Korean Female Models 2020-2021

Lee Ha-nui was born on 2nd March 1983. She is highly known by the name of Honey Lee. She is an eminent South Korean actress, classical musician, model, beauty pageant title holder and model. Other than that, she is also most renowned vegetarians in the South Korean recipe show. She took the place of 3rd Runner-Up next to the winners Riyo Mori of Japan. In the year 2013, the agency guaranteed her relationship with South Korean singer and actor. She got Miss Universe title in the year 2007 for the pageant beauty contest and also took the second position in the hottest Korean female models 2020 lists.

1Song Hye-kyo: Tops in Hottest Korean Female Models List

Song Hye Kyo, best looking & richest korean actresses 2020-2021

Song Hye-kyo was born on 22nd November 1981. She is a proficient South Korean actress. She has attained several leading roles due her television series Full Horse, Descendants of the Sun, My Brilliant Life, Hwang Jin Yi, Autumn in My Heart, The Queens and All In. she ranked seventh in the list of Forbes magazine for being the Korea power celebrity.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Hottest Korean Female Models 2020-2021, Beautiful Fashion Models List

From the above list of hottest Korean female models, it is clear that these beautiful celebrities have extensive name fame and popularity all over the world. They hit top position in the entertainment industry due to their extensive talent and skill. Besides from that, these celebrities are most beautiful and stylish so as to attract the modeling industry. The fans group for these hottest Korean female models is countless.

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