Top 10 Hottest Canadian Female Models 2020-2021 | Beautiful Canadian Fashion Models

Top 10 Hottest Canadian Female Models 2020-2021 | Beautiful Canadian Fashion Models: Canada is a beautiful country situated in the North America. Starting from its inception, the country is highly popular for numerous great things like residence, politics, sightseeing places, social justice and much more. This famous country also incorporates many beautiful Canadian fashion models.

These models are not only famous for beautiful and hotness Moreover they are also extremely intelligent and talented. The Canadian models are most beautiful women in the universe so we come up with the detailed list of top 10 hottest Canadian female models of 2020.

Look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Canadian Female Models 2020-2021 | Beautiful Canadian Fashion Models:

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10. Estella Warren:

Famous Female Fashion Models Hot photos

Estella Warren is a beautiful fashion model of Canada. She was born on 23rd December 1978. She also posed for magazine publications like sports illustrated and hence worked with many campaigns like Victoria’s Secret and Perry Ellis brands. Apart from modeling, she also has a passion for swimming and women several national titles in her swimming career. This hottest model is also a member of Canadian national team. She is also considered as a famous actress as she started in plenty of films and now she stands at number ten position in the list of beautiful Canadian fashion models 2020.

9. Tricia Helfer:

richest Canadian women 2020

Tricia Janine Helfer is a beautiful Canadian actress and model. She was born on 11th April 1974. This model is well known for playing a wonderful character in television series Battlestar Galactica during the year 2004 to 2009. She won the contest of Ford Model and got retired from the fashion industry during 2002. This gorgeous and attention-grabbing model appears in many ad campaigns like Giorgio Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren and Chanel. Helfer has appeared on many magazine covers like Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Amica and Flare.

8. Shay Mitchell:

beautiful girls in Canada

Shay Mitchell is a striking Canadian model, entrepreneur, actress and author. She was born on 10th April 1987. Mitchell has victoriously modeled for plenty of companies from her late teens in cities like Barcelona, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Apart from modeling, she is also having the massive interest in music and acting. Her first signing takes place with the theatrical agency. During 2009, she cast with ABC family as she portrays the jock girl role in the group. In the year 2011, she signed up with the contract of Pantene Shampoo and some subsequent endorsements consist of Biore, Nike and American eagle.

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7. Sarah Mutch:

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Sarah Mutch is a fantastic Canadian model who has served as a model for numerous magazines including ocean and maxim. She began her modeling career at the age of 13 in the Vancouver of British Columbia. After that, she continued her career in modeling by moving towards New York City. Until then, she has appeared in plenty of other magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Other than modeling, he has also interest in acting and she appeared in many TV shows like Jake 2.0, Smallville and Supernatural. People really happy with this list of hottest Canadian female models because everyone in the list looking beautiful and hot as well as very popular among the people.

6. Elisha Cuthbert:

Beautiful Canadian Fashion Models

Elisha Ann Cuthbert is a beautiful and gorgeous Canadian actress as well as a model. She was born on 30th November 1982. She has got massive fame after playing a character Kim Bauer in the TV series 24. Maxim Magazine indicates her as the most beautiful women of the TV shows in the year 2013. He also got a massive award for her roles in movies. Some of the movies which she performs are Captivity, The Quite and Airspeed.

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5. Leyla Milani:

Beautiful Canadian fashion supermodels

Leyla Milani Khoshbin was born on 2nd April 1982. She is a famous Iranian – Canadian model. Additionally, she is also considered as the famous entrepreneur, TV host, actress and model. She was born to the beautiful parents of Iranian and got married with Entrepreneur, author and real estate investor Manny Khoshbin. She appeared on many magazine covers and also features her as fellow briefcase model of deal or no deal. This beautiful model also appeared in many films during her career. She got enormous opportunities due to her beautiful face.

4. Yasmeen Ghauri:

Hottest Canadian Female Models

Yasmeen Ghauri is a famous and beautiful Canadian model. She started enjoying fame from the early 1990s onwards. Her first magazine cover was with Elle Magazine during the year 1991. After that, she attained massive popularity due to the face in both Jil Sander and channel. She was also graced for doing the catwalk in Gianni Versace show in the location of Milan as well as walk for the channel Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier and Helmut Lang. During 1992, she signed up a contract with the famous modeling agency Victoria Secret. She stands at number 4th position in the list of beautiful Canadian fashion models 2020.

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3. Kim Cloutier:

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Kim Cloutier is a famous and stylish Canadian model. She was born on 25th March 1987. She has posed for numerous campaigns and highlighted for underwear pose, swimsuit and cosmetic campaigns. In the year 2009m she appeared in the sports illustrated swimsuit magazine. Moreover, she appeared on the cover page of the Details Magazine in the same year. This beautiful model has appeared elegantly in Glow Magazine, Elle Accessories and Sirene. She got the 3rd position in the list of most beautiful and hottest Canadian female models in 2020 – 2021.

2. Kate Todd:

hot Canadian actress list 2020

One of the beautiful Canadian models is Kate Todd. In addition to that, she also paved the role of singer, actress, and songwriter. She is not only a beautiful model but also an intelligent and skillful actor. She has appeared in plenty of movies after her modeling career. Some of the roles played by her are Lily Randall in the movie Radio Free Roscoe as well as Sally in the movie Life with Derek.

1. Cobie Smulders: Tops In hottest Canadian female models List

Top 10 Hottest Canadian Female Models 2020-2021

Cobie Smulders was born on 3rd April 1982. She is a famous Canadian fashion model and actress. He is highlighted for her beauty and hotness. She had taken part in many television series for her gorgeous appearance and style. This Canadian model is highlighted in the industry for her smile and appearance. She is a famous model and also gets top position in the beautiful Canadian fashion models list.

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Conclusion: Hottest Canadian Female Models Models 2020-2021 | beautiful Canadian fashion models

Thus, Canada is the country where many beautiful models arise up. From the list of top 10 beautiful Canadian fashion models 2020, you can know how the models have earned worldwide appreciation and fame. These hottest Canadian female models have succeeded in the modeling industry due to their extensive hard work and commitment towards work.

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