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Miranda Kerr, Highest Paid Models

Hottest Australian Models | Beautiful Female Models | Beautiful & Hot Fashion Models: Most of the Australian models will be found in fashion shoots, magazine and advertising features in their native country as well as all over the world. They are regarded as the world sought-after models and are noted for their success and talent. They have appeared in plenty of films, TV programs and other recognizable shows.

Many models have moved towards the United States so as to become as international models as well as continuing their career in fashion industry. Others have the passion for becoming best entertainment personalities as well.  Here is the list of top 10 hottest Australian models who gained massive success.

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Look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Australian Models 2020-2021:

10. Alyssa Sutherland:

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Alyssa Sutherland was born on 23rd September 1982. She is a famous Australian model and actress. Alyssa was born in Brisbane. She began her career in modeling in 1997 at the time; she won the annual Bonne Belle model teen magazine Girlfriend in Australia. Further, she signed up the contract with Vogue Australia. Alyssa got extensive runway through television modeling career as she appeared in plenty of campaigns like Calvin Klein, John Frieda, Abercrombie and Fitch and Hugo Boss.

9. Elyse Taylor:

Top 10 Hottest Australian Models 2020-2021

She was born on 20th October 1986 as she is an eminent Australian model. She was discovered as the famous model by the agent at the age of 18 and now stands at number nine position in the list of hottest Australian models 2020. Subsequently, she walked in numerous fashion shows like Betsey Johnson, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Bottega Veneta, Tommy Hilfiger and Ellen Tracy. She also appeared on the magazine covers of Australian Vogue as well as in Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and Canadian editions of Elle. Other than that, she appeared in magazines editions comprising of Cosmopolitan, V and Harper’s Bazaar.

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8. Gemma Sanderson:

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Gemma Sanderson was born on 10th July 1983. She is a famous Australian model and well known for her winning in the reality television show named Australia’s Next Top Model. Gemma was considered as the finalist in the annual model search by Dolly Magazine. She has provided photoshoot for ASOS, Auchan, Tchibo and Macy’s. Besides these, she also appeared in magazines like FHM, Marie Claire, Frankie Magazine and Dolly Magazine.

7. Tory Mussett:

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She is an Australian actress. Tory Musset has first appeared on the small screen through a detective drama called Murder Call. Later, she has found to appear in a number of episodes like Flat Chat and Crash Palace. Tory had also small parts in Peter Pan and The Matrix Reloaded. This will be followed by many a number of substantial roles in Boogeyman, Nightmares & Dreamscapes and From the stories of Stephen King.

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6. Teresa Palmer:

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She is an Australian actress, model, producer and writer who made her acting debut in Suicide Drama. In the year 2013, Teresa Palmer starred as the young woman in the film Warm Bodies and also as Rebecca in the Horror Film named “Lights Out”. Further, she has also appeared in several films including I am Number Four, December Boys, Love and Honor, Take Me Home Tonight and many more.

5. Emily Scott:

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Emily Scott was born in the year 1983 as she is a well-known Australian model, television personality, record producer, DJ and many more. She also appeared in numerous visuals like Robbie Williams and take part in the remake of the video clip Rock DJ. Besides from these, she also appeared in the ITV reality series named Love Island. She stood the face of Lipton Ice Tea as well. She appeared in the TLC show in London Ink and there she obtained Koi Fish tattoo on her right side arm.

4. Elle Macpherson:

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Elle Macpherson was born on 29th March 1964. She is a famous Australian model, actress, television host and businesswoman. She is popular for her record five appearances in the sports illustrated swimsuit issue starting from 1980 onwards. Elle appeared in massive supporting roles like South Kensington, the edge, batman and robin and appeared in a recurring role in Friends. Other than that, she is a creative director, primary model and founder for the business venture series. She is also executive producer for next top model of Brittan and Ireland.

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3. Rachael Taylor:

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Rachael Taylor was born on 11th July 1984. She is a popular Australian actress as well as the model. She had done her foremost leading role in the series Headland in the year 2005 to 2006 onwards. After that, she had done her transition towards Hollywood thereby appearing in many films like Transformers, Man-Thing, Cedar Boys, Red Dog, Splinterheads and See No Evil. Besides from these, she also started as Dr. Lucy Fields on the movie Grey Anatomy in the year 2011, serves a main character on the show 666 Park Avenue in the year 2012-13 and also take part in thriller series crisis in the year 2014.

2. Miranda Kerr:

Miranda Kerr, Highest Paid Models

She was born on 20th April 1983. She is a famous Australian model. Moreover, she rose to fame during the year 2007 and she is also one of the famous Victoria’s Secret Angels as well and now she stands at number second position in the list of hottest Australian models 2020. Miranda launched her brand of organic skincare products to Kora Organics and also wrote the self-help book. During the age of 13, she started her modeling career in fashion industry. She also wins the wins the Dolly magazine completion in the year 1997. She ranked as the highest earning model as per the Forbes.

1. Nicole Harrison: Tops In Hottest Australian Models List

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Nicole Harrison was born on 6th May 1962 in Seattle in the USA. She was a famous actress and writer. She used to carry out weight lifting and attend fitness boot camp so as to make her fit and strong. Nicole was mastered in the art of setting the muscle sculpting. She is a hottest and handsome woman of the dream guys. Her dressing sense itself reveals how hot she was. Moreover, she appeared in many modeling shows and got numerous awards as well.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Hottest Australian Models 2020-2021:

From the list of hottest Australian models, it is known well that they have strived hard to win the hearts of their fans. They have crossed numerous hurdles and difficulties so as to get fame and reputation in this competitive world. Some hot models have also got prizes and awards for their best performance. The fans group for these hottest Australian models is countless.

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