Top 10 Hardest, Easiest & Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World 2020-2021

Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World

Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World | Hardest Languages | Easiest Languages: People from various parts of the world spoke various languages since there are plenty of languages available. There are many difficult languages to learn which cannot be learned quickly as the English language. Here we have pointed out 10 most difficult languages to learn according to our point of view. These below-listed languages are extremely hard to learn and write as well.

Although many people belonging to a particular state can able to speak their languages while rest of them finds it difficult to learn like them. There are many hurdles involved in learning those hardest languages in an easy way.

Lise of Top 10 Hardest, Easiest & Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World 2020-2021:

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10. Finnish:

Top 10 Hardest Languages In The World

Finnish is the official language of Finland as it is spoken by most of the populace of Finland as well as ethnic fins, present outside of Finland as well. it is regarded as one of the official languages of Finland as there were two official languages spoken such as Sweden and Finnish. it belongs to the family of Finnic Language and considered as the eponymous member of the family as well. This language modifies and inflects verbs, numerals, pronouns and nouns according to their usage in a specific sentence.

9. Icelandic:

most hardest Languages

Icelandic is considered as the official language of Iceland and it is also known as North-Germanic Language as well. Moreover, this Indo-European language belongs to the Nordic or North Germanic branch of Germanic languages. The huge majority of Icelanders speak about this language. Approximately 320,000 people live in Iceland where 8000 of them were Icelandic speakers, 3000 were students and 1400 of them from Canada. About 97 percent of the populace considers this language as their mother tongue because many of them maintain six or more cases. It is distinguished by the broad assortment of crooked declensions. This language stands at number nine position in the list of most difficult languages to learn 2020.

8. Hungarian:

All Easiest Languages

Hungarian is regarded as the authorized language of Hungary and it is considered as one among the 24 languages in the list of European Union. Apart from Hungary, this language is spoken widely the communities from Hungary and its neighboring countries like Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia and Romania. Similar to Estonian and Finnish, this language also belongs to the family of Uralic Language and it is the closest relative of Khanty and Mansi as well.This language stands at number nine position in the list of Hardest languages to learn 2020.

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7. Khoisan:

what is the hardest language to learn for anyone

The Khoisan languages come under the collection of African Languages as it was classified jointly by Joseph Greenberg. This language shares click consonants as it does not belong to any other families of African language. Grammatically, this generally seems to be generally analytic which has numerous inflectional morphemes. This language is spoken strongly by 2000 speakers from Naro and some of them speak it as 2nd language as well. They are widely renowned for their usages like phonemes which is a versatile consonant. This language needs two communications of the tongue as it cannot be functioned independently. This language stands at number seven position in the lis ost easiest languages to learn 2020.

6. Sanskrit:

Is English the hardest language to learn

The Sanskrit language is considered primarily as the liturgical language of Hindus. In addition to that, it is also regarded as the philosophical language of Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism. It is also literary language as well as lingua franca of medieval and ancient Nepal and India. Today, this language is regarded in the list of 22 languages mentioned in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution that necessitates the Indian government to cultivate the language. The Sanskrit compositions were orally spread from its early history by means of memorization due to its exceptional complexity, fidelity and rigor. This language stands at number six position in the list of most Hardest languages to learn 2020.

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5. Russian:

hardest language in India

Russian is one of the difficult language found in the world. It is an official language of Russia along with other countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Belarus. This difficult language is spoken widely in Ukraine although it seems to be their unofficial language and some countries like Eastern Bloc, the Soviet Union also speaks this language to the lesser extent. The Russian language belongs to the Indo-European language family. This language differentiates between constant phonemes from palatal secondary articulation. Besides from that, it also distinguishes between hard and soft sounds. This language stands at number five position in the list of most difficult languages to learn 2020.

4. Arabic:

World’s Most Difficult Languages

Arabic is named after Arabs as it is a language of central Semitic. This language emerged first during the Iron Age in the northwestern Arabia. Now, it is considered as the lingua franca in the Arabian world. This modernized language has been derived from traditional Arabic. Nowadays, it is widely taught in universities and schools and it is used even in the workplaces, media and government offices. About 42 million speakers in the world speak this language and it is considered as the most spoken lingo of the globe. Regardless of being a powerful language, it has borrowed some words from various languages like Persian and Greek along with traditional European languages like French and English of modern times. This language stands at number fourth position in the list of easiest languages to learn 2020.

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3. Japanese:

most easiest Languages

Japanese is a famously spoken language of East Asia as about 125 millions of the people spoke this language. It is also regarded as the national language of Japan. It is well-renowned for its prehistory. Japanese does not have any genetic relationship with a language of Chinese. During Heian Period, this language has considerable power on the phonology and vocabulary of old Japanese. Later, middle Japanese has made some changes in the modern language as it borrowed words from English. It does not have grammatical gender or number as there are no articles.

2. Korean:

hardest language to write

The Korean language is both national and official language of Korea. It is spoken widely in the democratic people and Republic of Korea as well. Exactly 80 million people from all over the world spoke the Korean language. Modern and historical linguistics differentiate the Korean language as isolate language as it does not have some extinct relatives as well. Together with Koreanic language form and Jeju language, it forms a massive language of Korea. Still, there is a debate taking place regarding the relation with Dravidian languages as whether Japanese or Korean connect with each other. This language stands at number second position in the list of most hardest languages to learn 2020.

1. Chinese: Tops In difficult languages to learn list

Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World

Chinese belongs to the family of Sino-Tibetan Language. It is mutually unintelligible and it is majorly spoken by Hans and other ethnic groups of China as well. About 1.2 billion folks speak the Chinese language as the first lingo. Mandarin is considered as the spoken form of Chinese language which holds six dialect groups. It holds northern to me because it is widely spoken in the northern part. There are about 7 to 13 prime groups involved in Chinese languages such as Yue, Min, Wu and Mandarin. However, standard Chinese is considered the standardized outline of spoke Chinese depending upon the Mandarin Beijing dialect.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Hardest, Easiest & Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World 2020-2021

From the above list, you can come to know about the origin of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. Though, there are plenty of several languages spoken by people present all over the globe. Each and every language has its own uniqueness and distinctness which cannot be understood unless you know its fundamentals. The all hardest, easiest & most difficult languages to learn in the world

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