Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World 2020-2021 | Top luxury Sandals Brands List

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Every single thing counts a lot in the aspect of fashion. Yes, even a small fashion accessory that you possess can expose others all about your fashion sense. In such way, the shoes are the most important thing for the humans. Usually, people rate or judge your status or level by looking at the shoes which you wore. So it is necessary to wear a shoe which is branded and good looking one. This article is about the top ten expensive shoes in the world.

These below-mentioned world’s most expensive shoes are made with diamond, platinum and much more. These are costly and mainly made to use in the Oscar events. As like growing fashion trends, these shoes are also created like trendy.

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Here are the Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World 2020-2021 | Top luxury Sandals Brands List:

10. Diamond Dream Stilettos: ($500,000)

world’s most costly shoes 2020- expensive women’s shoes

This is the best-looking luxury shoe in the world which is worth about $500,000 and stands at number ten position in the list of world’s most expensive shoes. Diamond Dream Stilettos is a luxurious model shoe, which has 1420 jewels studded in this shoe means it is platinum entrusted. It is fine footwear for ladies, which looks classy and impressive. It has stolen millions of hearts across the world. Girls usually like to wear high heels and this shoe with its stunning heels will definitely attract everybody.

9. Original Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers: ($612,000)

Ruby Slippers- most beautiful women shoes, expensive women heels

Ruby slippers are the 9th expensive shoe set which has worth of $612,000 and stands at number 9th position in the list of the most expensive shoe brands 2020. This is a magical pair of shoes worn by Dorothy Gale in the movie ‘Wizard of Oz’ and after that, they are placed in the gallery. There are numerous slippers are designed by the designer Gilbert Adrain; but finally, this one was selected for the movie. After the dedication of two months, this amazing and glittering pair of shoes was made. These sandals were made by 500-carat diamond and 4600 rubies.

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8. Marilyn Monroe Shoes: ($1 Million)

world’s most beautiful sandals photos pics image

This is the expensive shoe in the world which deserves $1million and stands at number eight position in the list of top 10 luxury shoes in the world. It looks beautiful and gorgeous; it has crystal stuffed in it. This stunning slipper was made by Stuart Weitzman. This shoe has the earrings in it which was worn by the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. This shoe was worn by Regina King at the Oscar event. These slippers are really amazing and had stolen the hearts of everyone.

7. Retro Rose Pumps: ($1 Million)

World’s Most Expensive Shoes for women girls actresses lady

This set of shoes was designed in 1940s style with t-strap is worth $1 million. Rose ornament which placed on the shoe is made with 100 karats of Diamond. This is a beautiful and expensive shoe pairs which stoles many hearts of celebrities to wear in occasions like Oscar and so on. Its high heels are designed in dusty gold. It will look very traditional and entirely unique. It stands at number seven position in the list of most expensive boots in the world.

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6. Stuart Weitzman Ruby Slippers: ($1.6 Million)

Most Expensive Boots in the World

This slipper is made by a designer Stuart Weitzman and it was worth $1.6 million and stands at number six position in the list world’s most expensive shoe brands. These pair of slippers is made with diamond and rubies. This dazzling pair of ruby slippers is made from 642 Burma rubies which are embedded in it. Total weight of rubies which are embedded in it is 123 karats. The most dazzling and beautiful sandals are also selected for Oscar awards. It simply attracts every eye with its gorgeous look and bright color.

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