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Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India 2020-2021 | Indian Newspapers | English Newspapers

Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India

Most Popular Newspapers In India | Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India 2020-2021 | Indian Newspapers | English NewspapersThe importance of newspapers cannot be overstated. More than hundred years newspapers played a great role in forming the public opinion. Technology has advanced and everyone started using online newspapers and news because the news was cheaper and more visible. In India media played a major part in many significant stories from rising awareness to corruption scandals. Everything is boosted with new technology that gave people the possibility to read Indian newspapers from all over the world.

Journalism maintained its success through a physical medium. Regular newspaper reading became a dedicated habit and the most essential part of life for the aware citizen. Here you can find Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers in India.

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Here Are The List Of Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India 2020-2021:

10. Mathrubhumi:

Mathrubhumi,Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India 2020-2021

These particular newspapers are printed in Malayalam languages and have a print edition in more than 10 cities all around India. The readership comes from the metropolis and urban centers. The owners are The Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Company Ltd. and it was founded in 1923. It gained most popularity in Kerala and now it is the first choice for almost every person in there.

9. Rajasthan Patrika:

Rajasthan Patrika, Most Popular Newspapers In India

Rajasthan Patrika, one of the most popular newspapers in India which is the widely read Hindi daily newspapers with more than seven million pieces sold every day. It was established in 1956 and since then in every year they progressed in terms of quality and readership. The first stop was Rajasthan, however not long a while they moved to other cities and today they are one of the most popular Indian daily newspapers. The owner is Rajasthan Patrika Pvt. Ltd. and they are situated in Jaipur. Their main fan base and subscribers are located in Rajasthan; however, they distribute it all across India.

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8. Lokmat:

Lokmat, Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India

This is one of the most popular newspapers of Maharashtra and Goa. In recent year circulation increased to more than seven million copies on daily basis. It was owned by Lokmat Media Pvt and their headquarters is in Mumbai. One of the main reasons for its popularity is because they have a different editorial section for people who belong to different cities. It allows its readers to connect with the Indian news and the world in their own language.

7. Daily Thanthi:

Daily Thanthi, Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India 2020-2021

This newspaper is published in Tamil language and their circulation and readership have grown that much that they became one of the most popular newspapers in India (south). The reason for that is because they present sole connection to the world, and daily circulation goes over seven million. Thanthi Trust established this newspapers in 1943 and they began to expand their horizon by making newspapers in different, native languages of people in South India and wider.

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6. The Times of India:

The Times of India, Best English Newspapers

This English language newspaper has its legacy for more than hundred years and still is one of the most popular newspapers for foreigners and Indians who want to approve their English. It is also widely popular for Indians and also one of the most popular newspapers in the world with offices in Washington DC, London, and Kathmandu.

5. Amar Ujala:

Amar Ujala, Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India 2020-2021

Amar Ujala is daily newspaper written in Hindi language and became extremely popular for Hindi heartland of India. They promote interests of poor through various opinion columns and articles. They are maybe one of the most important public issue newspapers that present reality of people from India.

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4. Malayala Manorama:

Malayala Manorama, Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India 2020-2021

This is the second Malayalam newspaper on this list and has wide readers because it is published in more than 10 million pieces. It was owned by Malayalam Manorama Group and their main interest and goal are to expand all over India for everyone who speaks Malayalam. The reason for their popularity is a huge population of those who speak Malayalam.

3. Hindustan Times:

Hindustan Times, Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India 2020-2021

Because of its historical significance, this is one of the most popular newspapers in India. It has more than 75 years of publishing existence and today their readership is estimated more than 12 million. It is owned by HT Media Ltd. and has its publishing net all over India with a great balance between international and national news.

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2. Dainik Bhaskar:

Dainik Bhaskar, Most Popular Newspapers In India

This daily news has popularity in more than 1 4 million readers on daily basis. It was started in 1956 and soon afterward it expanded all across India and became second most popular newspaper in the country. It has different editions in more than 9 major cities, so their focus is on national news and a small part of international.

1. Dainik Jagran: Tops In Most Popular Newspapers List:

Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India

We finally found the greatest and the most popular newspaper in India with more than 17 million readers all around India and the world. They have large online database also and they are fastest in bringing various conclusion and solution for Indian public. It stands at number one position in the list of “Most Popular Newspapers in India”.

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Conclusion : Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India:

Newspapers are still the main part of our daily routine and habit because even though we have online media all around us without any single cent, there are people who love the satisfaction of reading a physical piece of newspapers because it reminds us of past times. You can vote for Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In India.

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Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In The World 2020-2021 | English Newspapers