Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries In The World 2020-2021

Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries In The World 2018-2019

Largest Coffee Producing Countries | Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries In The World | top coffee producing countries 2020| coffee producing countries list | largest producer of coffee in the world 2020| coffee producing countries in Africa | largest producer of coffee in India | world coffee production 2020| largest producer of tea | Brazil coffee production: The coffee is one of the best-selling beverages on the planet. With coffee on every corner in every single city around the globe, coffee is top commodities available. It is third most consumed beverage after tea and water. The largest coffee producing countries produce tons of coffee beans so that you could drink it in the morning or in the café with friends.

Coffee is the second-most-traded commodity in the world, to oil, and also coffee beans are used for beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Let’s check out the below list of Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries In The World.

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Here Are The List Of Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries In The World 2020-2021:

10. Guatemala – 224,000 tons

Guatemala – 224,000 tons, coffee-producing countries in Africa

Guatemala produced approximately 224 million kilograms of coffee beans in the previous year and their numbers of production remained consistent in the past five years. Guatemala is the top producer of coffee in Central America. They came into a possession of coffee in the beginning of 19th century, and after the government began to support this industry with tax benefits it became one of the largest industries in the country.

9. Mexico – 258,000 tons

Mexico – 258,000 tons, world coffee production 2020Mexico is the nation that produces highest quality Arabica beans in the world and it is responsible for U.S. coffee imports. Even though, they had a crisis in the 1990s after International Coffee Agreement that gave him the possibility to compete in the global market. Even though the price of coffee declined, they recovered because the United States had the steady demand.

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8. Uganda – 315,000 tons

Uganda – 315,000 tons, largest producer of tea

Uganda is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world and top Central African exporter. Since 2015 it passed the Mexico and became eight largest producers of coffee. They are famous for Robusta beans that are cropped in Kibale forest area; however, they have Arabica too, near the Ethiopia. The Ugandan economy depends on coffee export, and lots of population works in coffee-related companies.

7. Honduras – 380,000 tons

Honduras – 380,000 tons, world coffee production 2020

Honduras is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world and became one of the Central America’s top producers. However, they have a problem with branding because most of the people recognize Ethiopian or Columbian coffee, and Honduras coffee is less recognizable for the consumer.

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6. India – 385,000 tons

India – 385,000 tons, Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries In The World

Even though, India is the least country that comes to mind when you think about coffee producing country it is one of the leading country in coffee beans export. Their nation is very suited for coffee production, in South Indian states. They also won lots of awards for coffee quality. However, coffee is not a popular beverage in India so more than 80% of total production is made for export purposes to Europe and Russia.

5. Ethiopia – 423,287 tons

Ethiopia – 423,287 tons, largest producer of coffee in the world 2020

Ethiopia is the synonym for good coffee and it is also a home for Arabica coffee, which is the most popular in the world. Their economy depends on this product and they employed more than 15 million citizens in coffee production. Ethiopia is the country where coffee was first found. For more than 1100 years it has simulative effects on farmers and shepherds.

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4. Indonesia – 814,000 tons

Indonesia – 814,000 tons, Largest Coffee Producing Countries

Even though Indonesia is considered as a top producer, they exported more than 800 million kilograms of coffee beans. However, Indonesia opts for quantity over quality, and even though their climate is great for production of lower-quality Robusta, however, they have the ideal location for plantations, because they are close to the equator. Dutch colonist introduced them with production because the climate was suited and now there are more than million hectares of coffee plantations.

3. Columbia – 890,000 tons

Columbia – 890,000 tons, top coffee producing countries 2020

Columbian coffee is one of the most popular brands in the world because they have a great advertisement that raised awareness about their coffee production. Their climate is great for Columbian coffee, however in the recent years because the climate changed they had declined in production and that is the reason for their third place. Even though, they are in the third place their coffee is still considered as luxurious beans.

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2. Vietnam – 1,800,000 tons

Vietnam – 1,800,000 tons, largest producer of coffee in the world 2020Vietnamese coffee is a signature drink all over the world, and Vietnam is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world with more than 1,800,000 tons of coffee in the last year alone. Even though their crops were destroyed during the Vietnam War, they still remained one of the greatest coffee producers. Vietnamese economy depends on coffee and the only greater export is rice.

1. Brazil – 2,800,000 Tons: Tops In Largest Coffee Producing Countries List:

Brazil – 2,800,000 Tons Tops In Largest Coffee Producing Countries List

Brazil is the largest coffee producing country in the world and they are the synonym for a great country. They are also top exporter for more than 150 years. Their plantations cover more than 27 thousand square kilometers and the majority is located in Parana, Sao Paulo, and Minas Gerais, where the climate is ideal for coffee production.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries In The World 2020-2021:

High-quality coffee is widely important for every big country because their citizens depend on their use. Even though in the last few decades there were health articles that coffee is not healthy, today we still see coffee on every corner of this planet.

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