Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World – World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020

Dwayne Johnson,Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World – World’s Richest Actors 2017 – 2018

Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World | World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020 | Richest Celebrities 2019 – 2020: The filmmakers of today are certainly ready to pay a large sum of salary in order to cast the famous celebrities for their upcoming projects because only the popular actors can set things right in molding the career of the directors and producers in the industry. Even though, passionate people can make dreams come true, yet, the fortune matters a lot and at those times hard work is the only key to success. The richest celebrities, who have really worked hard, appear to be the most wanted stars in the film industry all over the world. Generally, a person who portrays or acts on a particular character and performs well is known as an actor.

The highest paid actors are generally known well for their remarkable acting performances in movies and they really possess some special skills so as to gain more money as well as fans all across the globe. Taking this into account, the following list portrays the richest celebrities who earn more for their popularity and are also well known all throughout the world.

Here are the list of Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World – World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020:

10. Akshay Kumar: {$32.5 Million}

Akshay Kumar,Top-10-Highest-Paid-Actors-2017
Tops Bollywood Highest Paid Actor 2019 – 2020

He is a well-known action cum comedy actor in the Bollywood industry. Akshay Kumar has learned Kung Fu and Karate and he does stunt all of his own. He is the busiest Bollywood actor and acts in a flow of 4 films in a year. Some of his latest movies were been massive hits throughout the world. He charges $32.5 million for a single movie. He is Bollywood famous richest actors and so nice guy in the world.

9. Robert Downey Jr: {$33 Million}

Robert Downey Jr,Top-10-Highest-Paid-Actors-In-The-World-Worlds-Richest-Actors-2017-2018
World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020

He has evolved as the most respected actor in the Hollywood industry. Robert is famous for his movie named as ‘Iron Man’ series of films, which had earned to raise some constant money because of his role in the film. Again he achieved with his role in ‘Captain America Civil War’ movie, which was one of the super hit films at the box office and broken many records around worldwide and take place in the list of richest celebrities. He gains more money for the last three years and receives about $33 million per movie.

8. Shah Rukh Khan: {$33 Million}

Shah Rukh Khan, popular richest celebrities in 2019 – 2020Another most successful star in the Bollywood industry is Shah Rukh Khan. He demands $33 million upfront fees and also gains more profit from the box office of movies. He deals with many advertisement and endorsements, which help to keep his bank balance stay quite healthy and rolling on.

7. Vin Diesel {$35 Million}

Vin Diesel, Hollywood top richest actor 2017-2018
Hollywood top richest actor 2019-2020

Generally, he is a famous angry young action hero on the screen. Vin Diesel earns star race with a massive income of $35 million. He has done various roles such as a pacifier, thief, soldier, bodyguard and other different roles. He is world’s famous richest celebrities and countable in the list of richest actors. Vin Diesel has turned as a well popular star with his blockbuster films like ‘fast and furious’ series, ‘Pacifier’, ‘XXX’ series, and so on.

6. Ben Affleck: {$43 Million}

Ben Affleck, Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World – World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020
Ben Affleck, Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World – World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020

He gets paid with lots of money so that he receives $43 million for a single movie. Ben Affleck is a capable actor, writer, producer, and director. Tough ‘The Batman Vs Superman’ movie was not one of his best films, yet, it is not his fault. Moreover, he earns some portion with gaining box office profit of $870 million.

5. Johnny Depp: {$48 Million}

Johnny Depp, Most Expensive Actors in the world
Most Expensive Hollywood Actors in the world

He is the most talented actor, who is well recognized all over the world with his talented on-screen character named ‘Jack Sparrow’. He receives $48 million for every single movie that he plays. His current money status would probably due to his blockbuster movie ‘Pirates of the Caribean’.

4. Tom Cruise: {$53 Million}

Tom Cruise,worlds-Top-Highest-Paid-Actors-in-2017-2018
Top Highest Paid Actors in 2019-2020

Tom is most handsome actor throughout the world, who acts different and elegant in each and every film. He had appeared in various well-known films that had hit in the world and received more fans, who all are always curious to know anything about him. Now, Tom enjoys own profit sharing from the series of ‘Impossible’ films, which adds to make his consideration and climbs up the top ten list. Currently, Tom receives about $53 million per movie.

3. Matt Damon: {$55Million}

Matt Damon,Hollywood Expensive & Highest Paid Actors 2017
Expensive Hollywood Actors & Highest Paid Actors 2019

He is one of the excellent actors but not hard worker. One would imagine why Matt is on this list highest paid actor, but with his recent successes like ‘Jason Bourne’, ‘Great Wall’, ‘Martian’, and ‘Interstellar’, Matt is rising his status to be a big contract as well as a big bug. He charges $55 million per movie in recent times.

2. Jackie Chan: {$61 Million}

Jackie Chan, World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020 richest celebrities
Jackie Chan, World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020 richest celebrities

He secures the 2nd rank in the list of highest paid actors 2019 & richest actor in the world in the world. Jackie Chan gradually had raised his fame with his own style of acrobatic fighting and gained praise-worthy comments for his leading role. He is regarded as one of the biggest stars in China. He had made back end contribution in the movie named as ‘Dragon Blade’ and collected money of $120 million. Jackie charges about $61 million per movie. He is world’s richest actors & popular highest paid actors of 2019- 2020.

1. Dwayne Johnson: {$64.5 Million}

Dwayne Johnson, Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World – World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020
Dwayne Johnson, Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World – World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020

Dwayne is also called as Rock Johnson. He had managed to become the highest paid actor all throughout the world by using his sense of humor and massive size. Johnson has an amazing smile and Kick Ass than anyone people else in Hollywood. He charges $64 million for his single movie. He is the world’s no one highest paid actors 2019 – 2020 in the world.

Conclusion: Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World – World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020

The above-mentioned lists are the Top 10 Highest Paid Actors 2019 – 2020 In The World – World’s Richest Actors 2019 – 2020. These actors with their outstanding performances have proved their versatility skills on the onscreen. They are receiving some biggest amount for their performances and also the most successful actors all over the world. These highest paid actors are gaining more money for their hard work, endorsements and popularity.

New Update: According to Forbes 2019 report “Mark Wahlberg Leads With $68 Million” and took the number one position in the list of highest paid actors 2019.

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