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Top 10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models 2020 (Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels 2021)

Miranda Kerr, Highest Paid Models

Top 10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models 2020 – Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels 2021: Modeling is a dream for many people presents all over the world. People who are in modeling industry have to strive hard to bring success and gain fame among others. Though there are numerous models found in the world, hottest victoria’s secret model is considered to be the best choice. Here are the detailed lists of top 10 beautiful secret models. The models are quite useful in promoting a business and hence for advertising all kinds of commercial products.

They serve as the visual aids for giving pose for photographs and for creating artworks. Certainly, these models could bring in some sparkling lights to the screen they make the presentation. Obviously, they make the industry run successfully with enough money rolling. The below-mentioned hottest Victoria’s Secret models are the beautiful Victoria Secret Angels of all time.

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Here is a list of Top 10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models 2020 & Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels 2021

10. Heidi Klum:

Victoria’s Secret Models & Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels Names, Pictures

She was born on 1st June 1973. She holds various roles like author, actress, television producer, singer, fashion designer, American supermodel, businesswoman and many others. Besides from these, she was also nominated for Emmy awards. She is the topmost model of the victoria’s secret angel. She has also appeared in plenty of commercial roles like Volkswagen, McDonald’s and much more. She is also listed by the Forbes as the world top most earning model.

9. Gisele Bundchen:

Brazilian supermodel (top Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels hot pics)

Gisele Bundchen was born on 20th July 1980 and she is a renowned Brazilian supermodel. Starting from the year 2004, she has been regarded as the world highest-paid model and hence known to be the sixteenth richest women in the industry of entertainment. Forbes placed her first on the list of a top-earning model. This actor-cum-model played many supporting roles in the movie. She got international success among other Brazilian models.

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8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels 2020

She was born on 18th April 1987. She is a beautiful actress and English model. She started to work with the clothing retailer named victoria’s secret. She also performs supporting roles in the movies as well. The Victoria Secret branded her as one of the topmost angles for her look in Burberry. This splendid girl possesses the gorgeous look and charming waist which attracts everybody.

7. Angie Everhart:

Whiteley – Top 10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models 2021

Angie Everhart is a famous model and American actress who was born on 7th September 1969. This supermodel is regarded for her red hair. After giving birth to her son, she took two years gap. After that, she returned to modeling and acting field. She is the in the list of victoria’s secret model. She has skyrocket her position from high-school amulet to an amazing supermodel. Due to her talent and sheer beauty, she went to New York to become a topmost runaway mode. After ten years, she turns to be a cover girl as well.

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6. Doutzen Kroes:

Dutch model Hottest Supermodels, Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models

Doutzen Kroes was born on 23rd April 1985 as she is a Dutch-Frisian actress and model. This model began her career in the year 2003 in the location of Netherlands. Her agency sent her to the location of New York and she worked for Victoria’s Secret. After that, she becomes as the branded Victoria’s Secret angel in the year 2008. For the past 10 years, she was been considered as the brand spokesperson and ambassador of L’Oréal Paris. Her estimated income per year is five million and she stands top on the list of a best-paid model by Forbes.

5. Marisa Miller:

American supermodel, Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models

Marisa Lee Miller was born on 6th August 1978. She was the best actress and American model known highly for her charming appearances in media. She also carried out her work with Victoria’s Secret. After some years, she has reached the position of beautiful Victoria Secret Angels. She is regarded as the popular symbol of the year. Other than that, she ranked as no.1 is the magazine of Maxim in the year 2008. She is one of the beautiful models who is massively attracted to the opposite gender.

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4. Alessandra Ambrosio:

Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels 2020, Richest Victoria secret models names and pictures

She was born on 11th April 1981 and she is a famous actress and Brazilian model. She ranked sixth in the category of the highest-paid model as per the Forbs list. Ambrosio is regarded as one of the topmost beautiful women in the world. She is the victoria’s secret model and hence she has modeled for several brands like Christian Dior, Armani Exchange, Next as well as Ralph Lauran. She is an owner of beautiful body structure with amazing ratio in terms of waist to hip

3. Candice Swanepoel:

Richest Victoria’s Secret Models, Beautiful Candice Swanepoel supermodels

One of the South African models who is known to perform her job with Victoria’s Secret is Candice Swanepoel. She is also one of the top-earning models as per the list of Forbes. She has a skinny structure and at the 15th age, she was exceedingly highlighted by the Durban flea market as the model scout. People really happy with top 10 hottest Victoria’s Secret models 2020-2021 list because everyone in the list looking hot and gorgeous as well as very popular among the people and also modeling industry.

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2. Adriana Lima:

Hottest And Beautiful Brazilian supermodel, (top Victoria secret models)

She is a famous actress and Brazilian model and also known as the best “Victoria’s Secret angel” starting from 1999. She currently ranked top in the list of the fashion industry. More than that, she is also the second largest paid model in the world. Adriana has married Marko Jaric basketball player of Serbian in the year 2009 and gave birth to the daughter. In order to stay fit, she performs jumping with rope and shadow boxes. Her present is 40 and she is a plus size model.

1. Miranda Kerr: Tops in Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models List

Top 10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models 2020, Highest Paid Australian model

Miranda Kerr was born on 20th April 1983 and considered as the secret angels of Victoria. This Australian model began her modeling at the age of 13. He is not only a topmost model rather she is also highlighted in the list of the highest earning model by Forbes. She is highly noted for her awesome look along with adequate amount of pretty, elegant, hot and flirty appearance.

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Conclusion: Top 10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models 2020 – Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels 2021

From the above beautiful Victoria Secret Angels list, it is concluded that these hottest Victoria’s Secret models gained massive popularity all over the world. Moreover, they possess good background as well. They are considered to be the best and topmost ones in the modeling industry. So the above-mentioned hottest Victoria’s Secret models are recognized as best due to their skills, beautiful look and attitude.

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